December 20, 2023

Avidbots’ top content of 2023

And that’s a wrap, folks! The year 2023 was another important one for Avidbots.

We continued our path towards a future where robotics and automation open new opportunities. More and more organizations are experiencing the benefits of cleaning automation, and we’re proud that Neo was their introduction to new efficiencies, happier employees, improved cost savings, and more.

We also launched a new cleaning robot, Neo 2W, to help industrial facilities reach further, aim higher, and meet their goals.

Indeed, cleaning large, dynamic industrial spaces is no walk in the park for the staff who spend hours every day pushing heavy cleaning equipment around, so we’re delighted they can now push a button instead.

And most heartwarming of all, we got to hear the stories of two forward-thinking, innovation-driven organizations who made the switch to autonomous cleaning and haven’t looked back since.

In case you missed it, here’s some pieces of content that struck a chord with our readers over the past year.


Sleep Corp embraces advanced cleaning equipment

They say sleep is the best medicine, but for leading Australian provider of bedding products, Sleep Corp, Neo is what made them dream.

Neo has helped Sleep Corp clean their new, cutting-edge warehousing and manufacturing location more efficiently and effectively. Avidbots’ solution has also helped Sleep Corp maintain premium product quality standards, ensuring their dedication to their customers continues to shine through.

Check out Sleep Corp’s success story for details on how Neo helped them on numerous fronts.


Warehouse cleaning without compromises: Neo 2W

Cleaning industrial facilities isn’t for the fainthearted. These around-the-clock operations rarely — if ever — slow down. And their size and scope mean cleaning from one corner to the next is no picnic.

That’s why Neo 2W, Avidbots’ purpose-built floor cleaning robot for industrial environments, was such a hit. Not all cleaning robots can operate in demanding industrial operations, so a fully autonomous warehouse floor cleaning machine with features that solve the unique cleaning needs of industrial spaces can be a game changer.

Improved productivity, enhanced efficiency, happier staff — find out why hiring Neo 2W makes a difference.


Enhancing the employee experience: Neo at Grimco

Grimco is one of North America’s largest wholesale sign supplier manufacturers and distributors. Reaching that level doesn’t happen by accident. Grimco is always innovating, either with their diverse product offerings or, in this case, how they keep their warehouse clean.

As well as improving productivity and efficiency at their 141,000-square-foot Philadelphia facility, Neo has also helped their employees too. 

Grimco’s success story is a good example of how cleaning robots benefit managers and staff in equal measure.

Watch the video and find out how.


A friend for your workers, a BFF for your finances

Labor issues, inflation, and rising costs were three major financial headwinds organizations had to contend with over the past year. From airports to schools, warehouses to factories, the specter of economic uncertainty loomed large throughout 2023.

So, to get their finances and houses in order, organizations left no stones unturned as they sought new ways to stay in the black. And as always, robotics and automation continued to be the smart, long-term solution for companies that wanted to grow, scale, and compete now and into the future.

We explored seven ways an auto scrubber machine boosts your finances across two blogs. Check out part 1 and part 2 to learn how Neo delivers an impressive ROI on numerous levels.

Happy holidays!

Thank you for continuing to follow and support us. We have more to come for 2024, including some landmark announcements that are sure to make this list next year.

Until then, here’s to another year where robotics and automation continue to expand human potential. Cheers!

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