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Autonomous cleaning for
around-the-clock productivity

Maintain premium product quality standards with advanced cleaning

A safe and productive manufacturing facility relies on cleanliness

The health of your employees, the quality of your products, the reputation of your brand — they each have one thing in common: cleanliness.

Dust, dirt, debris and more are unavoidable by-products of the manufacturing process. Therefore, thorough and regular cleaning is crucial to the wellbeing of your staff and the success of your operations.

Leading manufacturers across multiple industries are now turning to Neo 2W to stay one step ahead of the mess. Improving both employee safety and product quality, Neo is the next step in your quality assurance efforts, simplifying health and safety inspections while creating a healthy environment for sustainable success.

Why use Neo 2W to clean your manufacturing facility?

Consistent standards, 100% availability and a clean you can measure

Neo 2W is a simple and cost-effective way to improve cleanliness levels without increasing labor costs. Neo never forgets to complete a task or lets its standards slip. With Neo on your team, cleanliness takes care of itself, and all you need to do is push a button.

Measurable, up-to-date cleaning data for your entire facility helps you maintain world-class operating standards. Neo gives you the data, insights and advanced cleaning performance you need to simplify site inspections, improve product quality and enhance employee safety.

Meet Neo 2W
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Explore the features that help Neo 2W thrive in manufacturing facilities

Multiple benefits in one easy to deploy solution

Neo results in a superior autonomous clean and disinfection

Neo creates a safer working environment

Neo reallocates labor to business-critical/revenue-generating tasks

Neo decreases the exposure to workforce issues and litigation

Neo surpasses the high standards of facility cleanliness and sanitation

Neo provides highly detailed reporting for a measurable clean

Learn more about how Neo can become part of your cleaning operations.

‘… is being used at our facility to eliminate a non-value added task from our production team and improve safety…’

“The Avidbots Neo Autonomous Floor Scrubber is being used at our facility to eliminate a non-value added task from our production team and improve safety, as our material is lubricious and can create slippery walkways. Since deploying the unit, we have received excellent customer service and quick responses from [Avidbots].”

‘The auditor was flabbergasted; he was so impressed’

But last time the auditor came, it was a simple matter using Avidbots Command Center to bring up the charts and data from Keanu’s (Neo) routines to show what had been cleaned, how it had been cleaned, and our water usage. … The auditor was flabbergasted; he was so impressed...

‘Neo’s adaptability is important in a facility like ours’

“Neo’s adaptability is important in a facility like ours. On any given day, we may have a pallet, crate or any number of other objects in different places than usual. And when we create new products or modify existing ones, new workflows may also appear. Not needing to constantly reteach Neo saves us time and resources, as well as providing reassurance that our facility will stay clean regardless of any alterations we make.”

‘Our experience with the company has been fantastic’

“Avidbots is changing the way cleaning is performed and revolutionizing tasks which have been done the same way for decades. Our experience with the company has been fantastic, and we encourage them to continue to push the envelope.”