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Warehouse & Logistics facilities

Autonomous floor cleaning for
warehousing and logistics

Increase productivity with autonomous cleaning

Cleaning efficiency is key in maintaining first-class operating standards

As the modern supply chain accelerates in pace, warehouse facility managers across all industries face the challenge of delivering greater efficiencies and higher productivity while maintaining first-class operating standards. For decades, automation has unlocked significant financial and operational benefits. Leading facilities are now turning to autonomous cleaning solutions to unlock new operating efficiencies. Welcome to the next wave in warehouse automation.

Why Neo 2 for warehousing and logistics facilities?

Add autonomous floor cleaning to your processes to simplify your operations

Adding Neo to your facility's cleaning operations will help you improve productivity and cleaning efficiency. With Neo taking care of time-intensive floor scrubbing and disinfection, you can reallocate labor and resources to higher-value activities.

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Make Neo a trusted part of your Warehousing & Logistic facilities floor cleaning team

Neo results in a superior autonomous clean and sanitization

Neo creates a safer working environment

Neo reallocates labor to
business-critical tasks

Neo decreases the exposure to workforce issues including employee absenteeism and turnover

Neo surpasses the high standards of facility cleanliness

Neo provides highly detailed reporting for a measurable clean

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‘We’re excited to deploy additional Neos at DHL...’

We’re excited to deploy additional Neos at DHL warehouses across the globe, propelling our digitalization journey forward. Floor-cleaning robots, while a simple innovation, reduce up to 80% of labor hours spent cleaning. This frees up our staff to engage in more value-adding, customer-centric work while driving our Strategy 2025 digitalization agenda forward.