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Warehouse & Logistics facilities

Autonomous floor cleaning for
warehousing and logistics

Increase your team’s productivity

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Today’s warehouse cleaning challenges require smarter, efficient solutions

Warehouse facility managers across all industries face the challenge of delivering greater efficiencies and higher productivity while maintaining first-class standards. Yet labor instability, rising wages and higher operating costs are eating away at your ability to meet your organization’s goals.

Leading warehouse facilities are now turning to autonomous cleaning solutions to unlock new potential. Enter Neo 2W, the next evolution in autonomous warehouse cleaning for long-term and sustainable productivity and growth.

Why Neo 2W for warehousing and logistics facilities?

An easier, cost-effective and more productive way to clean

Neo 2W improves the quality and consistency of floor care within your warehousing and logistics operations without additional labor costs. Adding Neo to your team simplifies workflows, increases happiness and enhances productivity of your most valuable resource: your employees. With Neo keeping your warehouse clean and safe, you can reallocate labor and resources to higher-value activities.

Meet Neo 2W
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A smarter clean for a more productive facility

Cutting-edge AI designed for your unique operating environment

Multiple benefits in one easy to deploy solution

Neo results in a superior autonomous clean and sanitization

Neo creates a safer working environment

Neo reallocates labor to
business-critical tasks

Neo decreases the exposure to workforce issues including employee absenteeism and turnover

Neo surpasses the high standards of facility cleanliness

Neo provides highly detailed reporting for a measurable clean

Learn more about how Neo can become part of your cleaning operations.

‘... reduce up to 80% of labor hours spent cleaning’

“We’re excited to deploy additional Neos at DHL warehouses across the globe, propelling our digitalization journey forward. Floor-cleaning robots, while a simple innovation, reduce up to 80% of labor hours spent cleaning. This frees up our staff to engage in more value-adding, customer-centric work while driving our Strategy 2025 digitalization agenda forward.”

‘On any given month, Neo delivers an ROI of $3,000+’

In terms of Neo moving through our facility with the Avidbots Autonomy software, Neo does a great job working alongside forklifts, other AGVs and even employees. On any given month, Neo delivers an ROI of $3,000+. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Avidbots.

‘I was impressed with Neo’s use of advanced sensors, cameras and lasers…’

“I was impressed with Neo’s use of advanced sensors, cameras, and lasers to adapt to our warehouse’s changing layout and avoid collisions. Neo performed better than I expected. Even with 25 forklifts operating continuously, along with people traffic, Neo was able to avoid collisions and work safely among our workers and our stock.”

‘Deploying Neo at our warehouse has doubled cleaning team productivity…’

“Deploying Neo at our warehouse has doubled cleaning team productivity and delivered a morale boost, allowing them to focus on additional tasks while the robot takes care of the floors.”