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Avidbots Autonomy

Providing a higher level of intelligence

Maximize cleaning productivity and safety with minimal effort

Advanced dynamic

obstacle avoidance


A 360° view of
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Just press ‘go’ and leave the rest to our robots!

Providing superior intelligence for maximum value and an optimal clean

Neo, Neo 2W, and Kas’ precise robotics are driven by Avidbots Autonomy, the next generation of robot intelligence. Our autonomy solution is a leading-edge combination of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and deep learning. These smarts help our robots safely manage situations and keep them moving to ensure the highest possible productivity. Avidbots Autonomy focuses on understanding its operating environment, taking actions to maximize productivity, and minimize human intervention.

The best autonomous clean in the industry

Avidbots Autonomy provides an advanced suite of features

Advanced autonomy skills

Home Base make Neo and Neo 2W a real self-starter

With advanced autonomy skills, Neo and Neo 2W deliver additional value-added capabilities designed for the unique requirements of your industry.

Discover how Home Base enables Neo and Neo 2W to start at a designated location, drive itself to the cleaning area and return automatically to the start location when finished.

Note: Start location subject to review by Avidbots.

'It’s truly an autonomous robot...'

“Neo powered by Avidbots Autonomy is the most intelligent robot on the market right now that delivers a consistent, efficient and measurable clean. With its AI technology delivering real-time obstacle avoidance and dynamic path planning as it works, it sets itself apart from competitors in the marketplace – which are mostly predicated on a teach and repeat concept. It’s truly an autonomous robot in a way that others aren’t.”

'Uses AI to re-learn pathways in real-time...'

“Neo uses advanced machine learning and AI that allows it to get better at cleaning over time. Neo is always learning how to improve its pathways and avoid people and obstacles in its way. Neo does not need to be remapped when floor layouts change, furniture is moved, or obstacles are placed in an area. It uses AI to re-learn pathways in real-time as floor layouts shift.”

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Feature highlight: Remote Assistance

The majority of semi-autonomous robots would jitter to a stop before sending out SMS alert-after-alert to your team who then needs to rescue the self-driving scrubber. This isn’t the case with Neo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Smart, dynamic, hands-free cleaning

When our robots are deployed in a new facility, the entire space is mapped and a fully-customizable cleaning plan is generated. From that point forward, using the onboard suite of sensors at the start of each cleaning session, Avidbots Autonomy compares what the space looks like this time to the original cleaning plan. The system then determines the best path to maximize cleaning productivity and coverage. Essentially, our robots know the room and then determine the best route in real-time.

Avidbots’ advanced localization algorithms, engineered on the experience of hundreds of thousands of operating hours, allow continuous operation in even the most dynamic and challenging environments where off-the-shelf SLAM (simultaneously localization and mapping) algorithms used by many robots fail. Avidbots’ proprietary algorithms result in fewer stoppages and more consistent cleaning. By interpreting long-range lidar sensor data and taking advantage of large and detailed cleaning maps, Avidbots Autonomy provides location-level awareness to our robots — they understand their location relative to items in the immediate vicinity as well as in a wider context.

Using a variety of sensors, Avidbots Autonomy consistently evaluates the data being collected to ensure our robots can avoid anyone or anything and stop when unexpected obstacles appear. Our robots handle navigating dynamic environments with ease and help keep the operational environment safe.

An industry-leading suite of lidar (light detection and ranging) and 3D sensors provide Avidbots Autonomy with a constant stream of information and data that is analyzed to make informed decisions on a continuous basis.

Absolutely! Our robots are equipped with a sophisticated array of sensors that allow them to identify anyone or anything in their path and safely navigate around your facility.

In autonomous cleaning mode, Avidbots Autonomy will identify obstacles in our robots’ path and, if possible, navigate around obstacles that are up to 5 meters away. If an obstacle is too large to navigate around or moves within 2 meters of the front of the robot, our robots will slow to a halt and plan a new path around the object. When the path is clear (whether due to the obstruction moving or a new path being generated), our robots will resume operation automatically.

Cleaning robots can typically be grouped into two categories: semi-autonomous or fully autonomous.

Semi-autonomous robots often rely on the teach-and-repeat planning method, only knowing the routes an operator has taught them. This means they are prone to stoppages when environments change (e.g. holiday display set up or seating area moved). Once stuck, the operator has to rescue the floor scrubber and re-teach it to the new environment/layout. This is a time-consuming task that results in non-productive downtime. Imagine having to do this each time the environment changes. This method of operation is less than ideal for commercial spaces as the majority of commercial environments are dynamic. If the robot is getting stuck as items within the environment change/move, the robot will not deliver the value-add it’s supposed to.

Our fully autonomous floor scrubbing robots are powered by Avidbots Autonomy. Our proprietary AI software enables them to understand their operating environment and take action to maximize cleaning productivity while minimizing human intervention. Avidbots Autonomy means our robots outshine the rest in true autonomous cleaning and sanitization. The platform — leveraging data from a variety of robot sensors — provides situational awareness, enables advanced decision-making capabilities and reliably completes its two key objectives: determining the robot’s position within space and finding the best path for the task at hand. Avidbots Autonomy delivers true autonomy, rarely getting lost, stuck, or needing to be rescued by a local operator.

A combination of leading-edge technology and human expertise combines to ensure the creation of effective and efficient cleaning plans, with safety and productivity as top priorities.

Our robots are equipped with an array of sensors, including lidar sensors and 3D cameras. Those sensors, in combination with the Avidbots Autonomy and web services, allow the creation of bespoke cleaning plans for each location during initial deployment.

An operator (supported on-site by Avidbots’ Customer Success Team) places our robots in Learning mode, then drives the robot around a location manually. The robot’s sensor array scans the environment to create an initial floor plan.

That plan is transmitted to Avidbots’ Cleaning Plan team, who checks and analyzes the layout in detail to ensure all fixed obstacles and potential hazards (such as walls, pillars, steps and so on) have been correctly identified as “no-go zones”.

The Cleaning Plan team also works closely with local facility managers to define the optimal cleaning route for each area of your premises.

Over the first few weeks of deployment, the Avidbots Customer Success team reviews cleaning operations and productivity metrics to look for opportunities to further optimize performance.

Absolutely. Our robots support Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G LTE networking, which allows us to sync cleaning plan changes to our robots whenever required.

If your floor layout undergoes major changes — for example, maintenance or incorporating seasonal changes — simply contact the Avidbots’ Cleaning Plan team with the details. Requested cleaning plan changes can be created and synced to the robot within 24 hours.

Home Base is a software feature for Neo that enables it to travel to/from its home to the cleaning area autonomously and return to home when the work is done. With Home Base, customers just move Neo† out from its home to the predefined start position* and press go! Neo will travel autonomously to the cleaning area and get to work. The operator will no longer have to manually move Neo to a start position in the cleaning area or go to get Neo once it is done.

*Start location subject to review by Avidbots.

†Limited to Neo 1.7 and 2.0.

Home Base provides pure convenience – one place to start/stop. A requirement for any other cleaning machine involves manually walking it to/from the start and end position for a cleaning run. This can be time-consuming. The Home Base feature will reduce the time spent by your team walking to/from the cleaning location. You can then redeploy your team’s time spent walking to/from the cleaning area to more core business activities. No other cleaning robot on the market can offer this feature!