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Clean floors & disinfected surfaces in
Healthcare facilities are a must

Neo 2 and Kas can help your cleaning team
get more done in busy healthcare environments

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Keep your high-traffic healthcare facility clean and safe

In medical facilities like hospitals — where patients, staff, and equipment are constantly on the move — facility managers face unique challenges. They must ensure their commercial and industrial floor cleaning equipment goes above and beyond to keep their buildings spotless, healthy, and safe. With miles of corridors and visitors coming and going at all hours, it’s no easy task. Forward-thinking healthcare systems have already learned what Neo and Kas can do, deploying fleets of robots throughout their facilities.

Why Neo and Kas for healthcare facilities?

Avidbots’ fully autonomous floor scrubbing robots help keep high-traffic facilities clean and safe

Neo and Kas are unmatched in autonomy, navigation, and safety, making it the perfect solution for healthcare facilities that operate 24/7. With the ability to operate round-the-clock and adapt to its environment in real time, Neo and Kas can help increase the frequency of floor cleaning in dynamic hospital environments. Neo’s disinfection add-on helps improve surface disinfection efforts too, enabling your custodial team to concentrate on other critical cleaning tasks.

Make Neo and Kas a trusted part of your Healthcare facility floor cleaning team

Neo and Kas help healthcare facilities elevate their cleanliness levels

Neo and Kas enable a positive patient experience

Neo and Kas reallocate custodial efforts to higher-value tasks

Neo and Kas enhance the healthcare facility’s public image

Neo and Kas decrease the exposure to workforce issues including employee absenteeism and turnover

Neo and Kas provide highly detailed reporting for a measurable clean

Learn more about how Neo and Kas can simplify and improve your cleaning operations.

'Excited to see the technology in their facility...'

“There is a great deal of buzz in every facility where we have deployed an Avidbots Neo. Hospital administration and clinical teams, as well as patients and visitors, are all excited to see the technology in their facility. There have been many instances of a patient’s family members and visitors taking pictures with our robots.”