January 21, 2020

How Neo robotic floor scrubbers meet healthcare needs

The fear of infections in a hospital of sick patients makes cleanliness a high priority in the healthcare industry. Add OSHA requirements, and there’s no doubt that healthcare facilities have higher standards for scrubbing floors.

For HHS, a support service provider for healthcare facilities, the performance and consistency of cleaning was a key requirement in their selection process for an autonomous floor-scrubbing robot.

“Everyone knew it would be difficult to deploy something so new in hospitals where cleaning meant disinfection and prevention of disease,” recalls Bobby Floyd, CEO of HHS’ healthcare division. “There was a great deal of scrutiny and we were cautious to start.”

It took two years, but it was Avidbots Neo that met (and exceeded) HHS’ business and performance expectations. Neo was the only floor-scrubbing robot with true artificial intelligence, according to Floyd. “The robot is intuitive in its cleaning operation and can adjust cleaning paths based on many variables like unexpected obstructions or traffic patterns.”

Other Neo features that contribute to its superb cleaning performance include:

  • Dedicated 112 liter tanks for cleaning solution and recovered water. Separate tanks ensure no cross-contamination between fresh cleaning solution and recovered water and dirt.
  • Genuine Linatex squeegees can be found at the sides and back of Neo, and ensure that floors are left not only clean, but dry and streak-free as well.
  • Unlike other floor scrubbers with water filtration systems, Neo scrubs with only fresh, sterile water — eliminating bacteria, contaminants and odors as opposed to spreading them.
  • With Neo, you have a choice between twin cylindrical brush or disc cleaning systems. Disc units come equipped with floor pads from industry leader 3M.

  • Neo’s batteries enable continuous cleaning for up to 6 hours. Customers who invest in an optional second set of batteries can double their cleaning time at minimal cost. The batteries are easy to swap out when charging is required.

Best of all, healthcare facilities managers are also able to monitor and measure Neo’s cleaning performance with Avidbots’ Command Center web application. With Neo, they get a more consistent clean than their custodial staff, who can focus on more value-added jobs to drive patient satisfaction.

Get more details about Neo and its product specifications, and request a meeting.

To learn more about Neo floor scrubbers and how it provides healthcare facilities managers with greater cost efficiency, increased productivity, and a superb and consistent clean, check out these resources:

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