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Cleaning floors & disinfecting surfaces in schools & educational facilities are a must

Neo 2 can help your educational facility cleaning team get more done in busy learning environments

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Increase the cleaning standards in your educational facility without depleting your team

The way students learn and how teachers teach has changed for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic. Regardless of how many or how few people are in schools, they must be as clean as possible. From pre-schools to grad schools, facilities serving students are documenting and closely monitoring their cleaning methods and effectiveness. This degree of attention, while necessary, is straining the resources of even the most efficient cleaning crews. Neo, the autonomous floor scrubbing robot, is here to help offset some of the increased workload while still delivering effective cleaning and disinfection.

Why Neo for educational facility cleaning?

The fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot improves the safety and cleanliness of educational facilities

Designed with advanced autonomous navigation and object avoidance, Neo is the ideal way for cleaning floors in schools and large public spaces in educational facilities. With the ability to operate round-the-clock, Neo delivers a consistent, heavy duty clean that helps schools maintain high standards of safety and cleanliness even in high-trafficked areas.

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Make Neo a trusted part of your floor cleaning equipment for Schools & Education facilities

Neo results in a superior autonomous clean and sanitization

Neo increases cleaning frequency

Neo reallocates custodial efforts to
higher-value tasks

Neo enhances the school’s public image

Neo decreases the exposure to workforce issues including employee absenteeism and turnover

Neo provides highly detailed reporting for a measurable clean

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‘With Neo we know exactly what was disinfected and when’

“When we started demoing Neo, it was during the middle of the day. Kids were running around at lunch hour. Teachers were walking around. It was fun to be able to watch the robot work for the first time in an environment as busy as our school, stopping for people who were passing by and stopping for students who were sitting on the floor. During the afterschool shift Neo is put to work, providing surface disinfection, cleaning garbage bins, railings, water fountains and lockers. In the wake of the pandemic high-touch surface disinfection is crucial. With Neo we know exactly what was disinfected and when.”