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Automation at work

Neo, Neo 2W, and Kas are fully autonomous floor scrubbing robots that maximize cleaning productivity while minimizing human intervention. Boost cleanliness standards at your facility with a dependable, cost-effective, and scalable solution.

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Industry leaders depend on Avidbots

When only the best will do, prominent global businesses turn to Avidbots to raise and maintain cleanliness standards at their facilities.

‘Reduces up to 80% of labor hours spent cleaning...’

“We’re excited to deploy additional Neos at DHL warehouses across the globe, propelling our digitalization journey forward. Floor-cleaning robots, while a simple innovation, reduce up to 80% of labor hours spent cleaning. This frees up our staff to engage in more value-adding, customer-centric work while driving our Strategy 2025 digitalization agenda forward.”

‘Neo is intuitive in its cleaning operation...’

“From the start, Avidbots was very engaged, but seeing Neo operate in their testing facility made us very comfortable. Avidbots is a true robotics company and we felt Neo was the only product on the market with true artificial intelligence. The robot is intuitive in its cleaning operation and can adjust cleaning paths based on many variables like unexpected obstructions or traffic patterns.”

‘The data analytics capability is really driving decisions...’

“If it can be measured, it can be improved. What really sold us on this particular unit was the phenomenal dashboarding [Avidbots Command Center] that comes along with it. It’s one thing to have an active unit cleaning and doing what you would expect it to do. But the data analytics capability is really driving decisions.”

‘Has doubled cleaning team productivity...’

“Deploying Neo at our warehouse has doubled cleaning team productivity and delivered a morale boost, allowing them to focus on additional tasks while the robot takes care of the floors.”

‘Is going to make a world of difference...’

“The most important thing for us to think about is the health, safety and well-being of our students, teachers, and staff as they return to schools this fall. A solution like Neo that cleans more effectively, efficiently and gives my custodial team more time to focus on areas that students are touching frequently, is going to make a world of difference as we enter this new world of education.”

Advanced robotics.
Advanced cleaning.

When only the highest cleaning quality standards are acceptable, our robots' proven reliability and durability ensure your facility stays clean.

Rugged construction, extended runtime, separate cleaning solution and recovery tanks — you can rely on Avidbots’ solutions to deliver a cleaner, more productive facility.

The best autonomous clean in the industry

Avidbots Autonomy provides an advanced suite of features

Work smarter, not harder

Reallocating your team pays dividends

Redistribute your team to the areas of your business you value most while our robots handle the mess. Improved customer service, faster turnaround times, revenue-generating activities — Neo, Neo 2W, and Kas give your business the flexibility to thrive.

Improve the employee experience

Assist your team and expand their capabilities by simplifying their workflow and lessening their workload. Leave the dirty and repetitive work to our robots, so your team can focus on what they do best.

Explore new horizons in robotics & automation

Join a team of forward-thinking individuals creating best-in-class robotic solutions.