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Neo 2 is the world's most advanced fully autonomous robot floor cleaner

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Delivers a
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Advanced robotics.
Advanced cleaning.

Looking to optimize your cleaning processes while meeting the needs of your customers and your organization? Meet Neo 2, the world’s only fully autonomous, multi-application cleaning robot for commercial spaces. Neo automates the floor cleaning process and surface disinfection, enabling you to re-allocate your team to higher-value activities, increase productivity, and deliver a consistent, measurable clean every time.

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Neo featured in 'Why multi-functional robots will take over commercial robotics' – IEEE

IEEE explores how autonomous multi-function robots are changing the way facilities are cleaned. The article “Why Multi-Functional Robots Will Take Over Commercial Robotics ” by Pablo Molina, Chairman, CTO, VP of Product & Co-Founder, Avidbots, examines how multi-application autonomous robots are taking over from less efficient and cost-effective single-use robots.