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Autonomous floor cleaning for
around-the-clock productivity

Ensure constant cleanliness of your manufacturing facility
with help from Neo 2

Floor cleanliness helps keeps productivity on track and employees safe

All manufacturing facilities need to remain clean. Whether they’re producing food and consumer packaged goods or industrial items, facility cleanliness is of utmost importance for employee wellbeing, safety and regulatory compliance. Oil, fluids, dust and particles are all by-products of factory operations. Left unchecked, these materials can create a mess that adversely affects production or, worse still, become a safety hazard. Manufacturing facilities around the world are deploying Neo, the autonomous floor cleaning robot, to maintain industrial flooring, letting employees focus on business-critical tasks.

Why Neo for manufacturing facility cleaning?

Add Neo: a robot floor cleaner to your operations to improve your team’s productivity

When you add Neo to your team, you can increase the frequency of floor cleanings effortlessly, helping to keep your manufacturing facility in a good condition at all times. Neo delivers a consistent, efficient, and measurable clean every time, enabling your employees to re-allocate their time to other cleaning and maintenance activities.

Make Neo a trusted part of your Manufacturing facilities floor cleaning team

Neo results in a superior autonomous clean and disinfection

Neo creates a safer working environment

Neo reallocates labor to business-critical/revenue-generating tasks

Neo decreases the exposure to workforce issues and litigation

Neo surpasses the high standards of facility cleanliness and sanitation

Neo provides highly detailed reporting for a measurable clean

Learn more about how Neo can become part of your cleaning operations.

'Neo is being used... to eliminate a non-value added task from our production team...'

“The Avidbots Neo Autonomous Floor Scrubber is being used at our facility to eliminate a non-value added task from our production team and improve safety, as our material is lubricious and can create slippery walkways. Since deploying the unit, we have received excellent customer service and quick responses from [Avidbots].”