February 1, 2021

How Neo supports your 5S journey

Whether it's for your customer or your employees, you want your facility to run perfectly. Maintaining a clean facility plays a large part in that. But one good clean isn’t enough. Avidbots understand that cleaning excellence means quality and consistency. Neo, our fully autonomous floor scrubber, is the lynchpin in effective and efficient facility management.

Powered by Avidbots Autonomy, Neo effectively automates the cleaning process. Its industry-leading suite of sensors enable the floor scrubber to understand its operating environment and take actions to maximize cleaning productivity while minimizing human intervention.

Neo, the floor scrubber, operates and functions in line with a well-known Japanese workplace organization method known as 5S, which is a streamlined way of organizing workplace processes best suited for effective information gathering and transmitting — in other words, meeting your organizational goals consistently and efficiently. This falls in line with similar ideas around lean manufacturing or just-in-time manufacturing, which focus on minimizing waste while maximizing productivity.

With the 5S methodology, the right solution to any given problem should be obvious and at hand, saving you time and resources. Not only that, but your working environment will be cleaner and safer for your workers. In fact, some organizations convert 5S into 6S, where the final phase is “Safety”.

Neo works towards these goals, taking human error out of the equation and supplementing it with advanced autonomy and dynamic planning.

The 5S methodology is named after the use of five Japanese words that delineate the five optimal phases of workplace organization:

5S methodology in automated cleaning

By implementing these steps, organizations are able to create efficient and clean environments which are crucial in maintaining and sustaining effective operations. A key step to implementing the 5S methodology is “Shine” — a clean that is core to Neo.

Not only will Neo provide a fully autonomous, consistent and quality clean, but with our monitoring and fleet management capabilities through the Avidbots Command Center, it's possible to embody each 5S phase to create an effective, replicable and simple cleaning operation within your facility. The proprietary Avidbots Command Center lets you monitor, manage and track your Neo — or an entire fleet of Neos — remotely and in real-time.

Simply put, Neo provides you with a level of oversight and performance measurement that you won’t find in other commercial floor scrubbers. With Neo’s help, you can truly standardize your cleaning operation and elevate your standard of “clean”.

To learn more about Neo the robot floor scrubber or to see it in action, please contact us.

If you’re wondering how Neo could fit into your environment, check out our case studies here.

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