May 17, 2023

Cleaning automation and ROI: 3 ways Neo makes floor care a wise investment

Can you clean your facility as often as you want to? Can you complete after-hours deep cleans? Is your custodial team fully staffed every day this week?

These questions and more prey on the minds of diligent facilities managers, and the answers often rely on one thing: money.

It plays a key role in the success of your cleaning operations, frequently changing from quarter to quarter.

Managing resources can be a balancing act at times, and that was before rising wages, inflation and labor shortages made cleaning your facility even more problematic — and expensive.

So, instead of struggling to make ends meet or taking risky shortcuts, is there a way you can run both leaner and cleaner? One obvious tactic is to look for a solution that provides a measurable improvement in your operational efficiency while still delivering an effective clean.  

Here are three ways Neo delivers an impressive return on investment.

1. Enhanced productivity in industrial spaces

Modern industrial spaces such as warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing facilities rely on speed and efficiency to succeed. But when worker supply shortages dictate how often and how well you can clean your environment, productivity bottlenecks and uncertainty are bound to occur.

Unlike other warehouse cleaning machines, Neo 2W is purpose-built for the unique demands of industrial spaces. Productivity-boosting features empower Neo to clean even more of your facility without human intervention.

For example, Advanced Obstacle Detection recognizes, detects and maneuvers around ground-level obstacles common to these environments such as pallets and forklift tines. Bulk Navigator allows Neo 2W to clean structured bulk areas where floor layouts and material flows change constantly. And the Debris Diverter pushes occasional debris that collects between pre-sweeps out of Neo 2W’s way.

Each of these capabilities free up your team, improve their productivity and boost your floor care return on investment.

2. Lower labor costs

Consider the annual loaded labor cost (wage plus benefits) of a custodial worker. Next, factor in the costs associated with illness or injury among cleaning occupations, which are higher than the average.

On top of this, there are liability costs, as well as expenses relating to facility repairs and property damage from human error.

But the expenses don’t end there, with high worker turnover eating away at your bank balance because of the recurring costs to hire and train new recruits. And when you’re chronically understaffed, more tasks remain incomplete, requiring after-hours cleaning — and overtime pay — to get things done.

With that in mind, ride-on and push-behind floor scrubbers make even less sense. In effect, you’re paying for two things to do one job: the machine and the operator.

Add up these costs, and the drain on your resources can be significant.

Neo is an effective way to lower your cleaning labor costs. Instead of scrambling to plug holes in your custodial team — and overpaying in a troubled labor market — Neo ensures you never have to with steadfast dependability.

And because Neo doesn’t get injured or sick, mistakenly damage property or fail to show up for work, your labor expenses are drastically reduced.

In addition, with Neo doing the bulk floor cleaning, your existing staff can focus their time on more value-added tasks, further increasing overall productivity.

Indeed, depending on the size of your facility, you can save thousands of labor hours per year by leaving the mess to Neo, including 24/7 round-the-clock cleaning.

3. Improved reliability and build quality

A productive custodial crew depends on their equipment. They need tools that stand up to the tough demands of their environment.

Neo’s a ruggedly built and maintenance-friendly alternative to manual cleaning machines. Its design incorporates modern advances in electrical, mechanical and materials engineering.

Built from the ground up with reliability in mind, these features can potentially solve many problems that affect ride-on, push, and walk-behind equipment.

For example, Neo’s separate cleaning solution and recovery tank design isn’t as susceptible to the costly and time-consuming filter issues that can sideline legacy cleaning machines.

However, all machines require care throughout their lifetime; therefore, choosing a cleaning robot that simplifies this process is a significant consideration that has a direct impact on productivity and profitability.  

When it’s time for preventative maintenance, service, and repairs, a quick and stress-free experience is critical. It both reduces downtime and prevents your facility from becoming unclean, which can impact product quality and employee health.

Indeed, your facility can’t operate at peak efficiency when the floors are dirty, but the negative economic consequences don’t stop there.

The damage to your brand and corporate reputation can last for years due to consistently bad product quality issues and/or worker health concerns. 

As a result, Avidbots simplifies the maintenance process in two ways.

First, Avidbots' Gold Service Plan comes with a 360-degree routine maintenance inspection to keep your Neo in tip-top shape all year long.

And second, Avidbots Customer Success protects your investment. A knowledgeable, factory-trained team will help you get the most value out of your Neo, including remote assistance should you need a helping hand.

Grow your business with cleaning automation

If you’re looking to streamline your cleaning expenses while also improving cleanliness levels, we can help. Begin your path to a cleaner — and more lucrative — facility with Neo.

Contact us today.


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