May 1, 2023

Creating value for your business: 3 benefits of hiring Neo 2W

Neo 2W is purpose-built to meet the unique cleaning demands of the warehousing and manufacturing industries. Thanks to features tailor-made for both of these environments, Neo 2W is the optimal cleaning robot for industrial spaces.

With Neo 2W as a trusted member of your team, you can rely on elevated, simplified and measurable floor care 24/7.

But beyond a cleaner facility that takes care of itself, how else can Neo 2W benefit your warehousing and manufacturing operations?

Here are 3 benefits of hiring Neo 2W.

1. Improved productivity

How long does it take your employees to manually clean tens of thousands of square feet of busy warehousing and manufacturing space?

Now, multiply that number by how many times a day you clean, and what’s your total?

This number represents more than just your total cleaning time. From a business perspective, it shows lost hours of productivity, time your team could’ve applied towards more business-focused tasks.

Across a week, a month, an entire year, these hours add up to significant, meaningful and tangible gains.

In effect, you’re sacrificing a lucrative and sustainable avenue for growth on monotonous and time-consuming chores. Why continue along this path when there’s an easier and smarter alternative?

Neo 2W cleans your facility so you don’t have to. This freedom and flexibility allow you to reallocate workers to revenue-generating activities instead of the floors.

Receiving and unloading freight, processing and shipping orders, organizing and maintaining inventory — these examples demonstrate the many ways Neo helps reallocate labor to boost your business, contributing directly to revenue growth and profitability.

2. Enhanced efficiency

Cleaning up to 42,000 square feet per hour, Neo 2W cleans floors quicker and more affordably than a ride-on or push-behind floor scrubber.

Put another way, Neo 2W’s cost per square foot to clean your facility is significantly cheaper compared to manual labor, whose availability and loaded labor costs (wages + benefits) aren’t steady or predictable.

In fact, Neo 2W can save you hundreds of cleaning labor hours per month, yet the quality and consistency of your cleaning operations improves. It’s a double win, and a return on investment that has both immediate and long-lasting effects.

Take Home Base, for example. Rather than manually moving your floor scrubber to the area being cleaned, Avidbots’ solution means you push a button instead. Neo’s sophisticated AI handles the commute to and from the cleaning location by itself. This feature saves even more labor hours, letting your staff focus on more productive tasks.

With labor shortages and rising wages showing no signs of slowing down, Neo 2W introduces new efficiencies into how you run your operations. Helping you remain competitive, it’s these newfound gains that help businesses plan, grow and scale long term.

3. Floor cleaning robots produce happier, less-stressed workers

Technology that aids and assists workers produces multiple benefits. From reduced fatigue and burnout to improved engagement and satisfaction, robotics and automation lend a helping hand. 

Indeed, modern warehouses and manufacturing plants couldn’t function without these dual technologies. Cleaning automation is the next step.

Neo 2W takes the physical, mental and emotional toll of filthy, monotonous and repetitive floor care away from your workers. 

Unsurprisingly, no one likes to perform dirty jobs multiple times a day. By nature, these tasks undervalue what workers are capable of, pulling them away from more fulfilling work.

Accordingly, repetitive tasks such as warehouse floor cleaning also limit professional development opportunities. Warehouses and manufacturing facilities are full of advancement prospects, with a diverse set of jobs that help workers expand their skill sets over time.

But none of this is possible if they spend a sizable chunk of their days sweeping and scrubbing floors. Over time, they’ll come to dread these responsibilities, leading to lower motivation, poor engagement and disillusionment. When these attitudes creep in, the negative consequences on your organization are far reaching.

Neo 2W can do just as much for employee morale, happiness and engagement as it can for cleanliness standards, productivity improvements and efficiency gains. Given the difficulties businesses are having retaining manual labor, it’s these more human-focused solutions that help you avoid the labor crunch to begin with.

Unleash your facility’s true potential

If you’re a warehouse or manufacturing facility interested in a cost-effective, productive and efficient way to clean your environment, Neo 2W will help your organization reach its goals. 

Designed specifically for cleaning industrial spaces, Neo’s a custom-built, ready-made solution to help take your operations into a new and exciting era.

Hire Neo 2W today.


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