February 29, 2024

4 reasons why you need to attend Modex 2024

This March the world’s best, brightest, and most forward-thinking companies in the manufacturing and supply chain space will gather at the Georgia World Congress Center for Modex 2024. Across four mesmerizing days, Modex will scratch your supply chain itch, tickle your technological curiosity, and boost your optimism for the years ahead.

Modex 2024 is where the industry’s leading innovators, problem-solvers, and trendsetters converge to check out the latest and greatest solutions. It’s a one-of-a-kind event packed full of things you can’t see anywhere else.

From robot picking systems and warehouse management software to exoskeletons and fully autonomous mobile robots, Modex provides both breadth and variety. There’s something for everyone, with a fair share of surprising discoveries along the way.

Agility, resiliency, and efficiency are top priorities for 2024 as organizations plan a more productive and sustainable path forward. And it’s these shared goals and common motivations that separate Modex from other industry events.

Yes, industry professionals travel from all over the world to see new products firsthand. But what keeps them coming back year after year are the people, learnings, and opportunities that only a gathering of Modex’s size and scope can deliver.

Indeed, despite Avidbots being a robotics company at heart, it’s not just Modex’s technology showcase that excites us most. It’s the meeting of minds, the friendly conversations, and the inspiration of thousands of like-minded professionals collectively trying to solve for the future together that keeps us coming back for more.

So, in that spirit, here’s what Avidbots is looking forward to the most at Modex 2024, and why you need to attend this landmark industry event.

1. Startup Pavilion: A window into tomorrow

Whichever sport you follow, one of the most rewarding things about watching your team every year is witnessing new talent emerge. Dreamy upstarts bring with them a fresh approach and a new impetus to succeed.

The Startup Pavilion offers similar hope courtesy of cutting-edge ideas that solve today’s most pressing supply chain issues while building tomorrow’s success. It’s where new players in the industry dream of leaving an impression. So, to make your mark at an event like this in front of industry veterans and heavy weights, you really need to make a breakthrough and offer something unique and exciting.

We love seeing fellow startups blaze new trails, challenge the status quo, and innovate their way into the limelight. And for the countless businesses looking for a newer, smarter approach they haven’t yet considered, Modex’s Startup Pavilion always unearths a few hidden gems.

2. New technologies and equipment

The booths are a key attraction of every Modex event, and this year doesn’t disappoint. The number of vendors on display continues to swell, so you’re bound to have your head turned by something.

E-commerce automation technologies, automated storage and retrieval systems, reverse logistics services — these are just a small sample of what you can find as you explore the Georgia World Congress Center. All told, over 1,175 exhibitors!

We recommend compiling a wish list of technologies and product categories you’re planning to see beforehand. You will come across displays and people you didn’t anticipate, so it’s a clever idea to come prepared. Plus, familiarizing yourself with the show floor will come in handy when you’re trying to find your way through thousands of attendees!

3. Learn something new

The past few years have forced organizations to rethink their supply chains. What worked a few years ago no longer cuts it today, with everything from shipping delays, labor shortages, global events, and more all causing a domino effect.

Companies adapted on numerous levels to face these new challenges. A sea change in supply chain operations happened quickly, and none of this would’ve been possible without an appetite to learn and improve.

There’s perhaps no better place to absorb new insights and teachings on all things supply chain than Modex. From keynote speakers to education sessions and seminars, there’s no shortage of things you can learn. But if that’s not your cup of tea, maybe a keynote from Avengers star Jeremy Renner will hit the bullseye instead!

Indeed, with over 200 free education sessions, Modex 2024 is a golden opportunity to enrich yourself with knowledge and wisdom straight from the experts. Automation and robotics (55 sessions), distribution and warehousing (54 sessions), e-commerce fulfillment and last mile logistics (14 sessions) — these are just three of nine seminar tracks covering everything you need to know to better equip yourself for 2024 and beyond.

4. Make new connections

The headliner. The main attraction. The star billing. Modex 2024’s top act isn’t the shiny technology that you hope will impress your company back home; it’s the people, personalities, and networking opportunities.

Robotics, automation, artificial intelligence, and countless other innovations power your business, but it’s your contacts and connections that grease the wheels and get the ball rolling. There’s something to be said for an in-person, eye-to-eye conversation when virtual communication is the norm nowadays.

What makes Modex great is you can connect on a deeper, more personal level, and it’s that human touch that makes Modex a premier networking opportunity. Instead of firing off an email or leaving a voice message, you’re shaking someone’s hand, exchanging laughs, and breaking bread at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

In fact, Modex includes two “experiential networking areas” that include food, games, comfortable seating, and other amenities to help you relax and connect. But if that weren't enticing enough, then humanity’s best friend, melter of hearts, and medicine for the soul is on hand to break the ice for you: puppies!

If you haven’t already, start updating and printing new business cards because you will run out of them faster than you think. Over 45,000 industry professionals, all of whom share your passion for logistics, supply chain, manufacturing, and more, will be in attendance.

If personal connections matter to your organization — and you want to plant the seeds of a fruitful business relationship — out-of-the-blue meetings among the hustle and bustle of Modex is the perfect backdrop to a story you could end up telling for years to come. 

Discover floor cleaning robots at Modex 2024

If a more efficient, effective, and resilient supply and logistics chain are priorities for your organization, automating your cleaning process will support your goals.

Avidbots will be at booth C3871 throughout all of Modex 2024. Whether you’re interested in a more cost-effective, less labor-intensive cleaning process or simply want to see Neo and Kas, our fully autonomous auto scrubber machines, we’re suckers for friendly conversations, automation deep dives, and exploring all things robotics.

Drop by our booth, meet the team, and maybe even walk away with some swag too. 

See you in Atlanta!

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