September 10, 2019

Five essential features of Neo floor scrubbing robots that boost safety in warehousing

In 24/7 operations like industrial manufacturing and warehousing, safety is a top priority. In our last blog post, we discussed how warehouse robots and automation technology are unlocking enhanced business productivity and efficiency. But, as the number of autonomous vehicles and robots in the workplace grows, maintaining the safety of human workers is imperative.

That’s why Neo floor-scrubbing robots are equipped with a comprehensive array of safety features, reducing the risk of collisions, injuries and damage during cleaning operations.

Today, we’d like to share five features we’ve developed to support Neo’s operational safety in warehousing.

  1. Leading-edge obstacle detection and avoidance. An array of 3-D cameras and LIDAR sensors detect and allow Neo to navigate autonomously around obstacles in its path.
  2. A virtual safety zone surrounding Neo. Operation is immediately paused if an obstacle is introduced within 2 meters of the robot.
  3. Safety bumpers and switches instantly stop the robot should an object or vehicle touch the front or sides of the robot.
  4. A rear emergency stop button that allows an operator to manually cease the robot's operation at any time.

These safety features enable Neo to detect and react to workers, equipment or other warehouse robots operating nearby. But it’s just as important to ensure that they’re equally aware of Neo’s movements.

That’s why we’ve introduced the Safety Light Accessory for Neo. Available as a factory-fitted option, this new safety feature projects an intense LED light onto the floor, several meters in advance of the robot as it navigates your facility. In loud industrial locations, such as manufacturing floors or warehouses with high ambient noise, the safety light effectively alerts pedestrians, vehicles and equipment operators to Neo’s presence when approaching blind corners.

Commonly found on forklift trucks, the safety light accessory is a simple, well-established and intuitive accessory designed to boost operational safety in warehousing, reducing the risk of accidents, injuries and damage to property — and to the robot itself.

It’s an addition that reinforces Neo’s suitability for industrial locations and why leading 3PLs, supply chain operators and logistics managers are rapidly deploying Neo floor-scrubbing robots in warehouses around the world.

Discover the operational and financial benefits that make Neo a compelling choice for warehouse facilities:

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