April 26, 2022

Boosting warehouse and supply chain productivity with floor-scrubbing robots

Over the last decade, the explosion in online retail has fundamentally changed the warehouse and supply chain industries. To compete, warehouse and logistics managers face the challenge of boosting speed, accuracy and productivity while minimizing costs.

The industry has embraced automation to optimize the delivery of tedious, repetitive and dangerous tasks. It’s no surprise that some of the world’s leading 3PL providers and supply chain operators across the globe are now deploying Neo floor-scrubbing robots to boost ROI through automated warehouse cleaning.

Leading manufacturing and supply chain executives agree that technology is the key to future success.

George Prest, Material Handling Institute

Leading 3PLs and supply chain operators are boosting ROI with Avidbots Neo floor-scrubbing robots, tackling the operational challenges of warehouse cleaning while delivering enhanced efficiency and productivity. Benefits include:

  • Boosting productivity while reducing operating costs.
  • Improved ROI with clear performance reporting and measurable results.
  • A safer working environment for employees.
  • A competitive advantage delivered through innovation.

In this eBook, you’ll discover:

  • The industry trends driving the adoption of automated floor-scrubbing robots.
  • Challenges facing traditional warehouse cleaning operations including the continued rise in labor costs and difficulties recruiting and retaining custodial workers.
  • Insights from leading supply chain and warehouse operators that have successfully deployed Avidbots Neo floor-scrubbing robots in their operations.

This eBook is a must-read for any warehouse facility manager seeking to boost productivity, ROI or enhance operational performance while optimizing costs.


  1. How warehouse and logistics managers can “do more with less”
  2. Neo puts safety first
  3. Floor-scrubbing robots let your employees focus on more rewarding work
  4. Before you can improve it, you have to measure it
  5. Neo floor-scrubbing robots are the next wave in warehouse automation

Download the eBook now to learn how Neo floor-scrubbing robots are transforming warehouse cleaning.

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