April 21, 2022

The great resignation spurs disruption across industries

Pundits are labeling it, The Great Resignation. Employees are quitting their jobs in droves, and employers of all sizes and across industries are facing a talent shortage rarely seen on such a scale. According to the U.S. Labor Department, a record 3.8 million people quit their jobs in April 2021, followed by another 3.6 million in May. The trend has continued through the latter half of 2021, representing a 20-year peak in job vacancies.1

Only time will tell whether this phenomenon constitutes a reactive blip for the job market or whether the Great Resignation represents a long-term employment crisis. Regardless, employers are feeling the strain on operations now and – even if the rate of worker resignations levels off – the experience, institutional knowledge, and talent their workforces take with them will not be replaced easily or very soon.

Across industries, businesses are looking to automation to augment unfilled job roles.

With fewer employees available to maintain the facility, robotics offer a way to supplement the most important (but mundane) tasks, such as floor scrubbing.

For those industries most affected by staffing, the Avidbots Neo autonomous floor scrubbing robot can fill a crucial niche in your cleaning operations, keeping facilities safe and disinfected.

Warehouse and manufacturing

Transportation and airports

Retail and hospitality


Innovative solutions for the labor crunch.

Neo is the world’s leading automated floor scrubber for large, commercial spaces. Using AI-driven automation, advanced hardware, cloud software and live services, Neo automatically navigates and scrubs floors in dynamic environments. Benefits include:

  • Heavy duty, professional-level cleaning
  • Safe, secure operation
  • Simple, versatile cleaning configurations
  • Remote fleet management and peformance metrics
  • 3-D surface disinfection
  • Maximizing worker efficiency

This eBook is a must-read for any business seeking to optimize your team’s productivity and make your cleaning operations more efficient.


  1. Automation augments shrinking labor pools
  2. It’s not you. It’s me.
  3. What’s it costing employers?
  4. Industry detail
  5. Innovative solutions for the labor crunch
  6. The value of a multi-application autonomous floor scrubber
  7. Avidbots Neo features
  8. Automation expands

Download the eBook now to learn how Neo floor-scrubbing robots are transforming disruption spurs across industries.

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