September 13, 2021

There’s no place like Home Base – introducing Avidbots Home Base

Just press “Go”!

That’s how simple it is to save your team time with Avidbots Home Base.

Businesses all over the globe continue to choose Neo, fully automating their floor care operation. Neo makes the job of floor scrubbing more efficient and effective while letting your team focus on higher-value activities.

There’s No Place Like Home Base – Introducing Avidbots Home Base

Avidbots is making Neo even more productive.

Introducing Home Base from Avidbots. Home Base provides Neo with a single convenient location to start from. When your team presses “go” Neo “goes”, driving itself to its designated cleaning area and begins its work. When it is done cleaning, Neo returns itself to its original start location, all without your team having to step in.

With Neo driving itself from one convenient location to its designated cleaning areas and back again, your team doesn’t have to spend time walking your robot each way. Avidbots Home Base saves your team members valuable time that can be reallocated to other core business activities.

Is adding Home Base worth it?

Good question. Imagine a 1 million square feet warehouse where your team is likely spending 45 minutes every day just moving the cleaning robot from the cleaning closet to the cleaning area and going to get it afterward. Now imagine having a robot that could drive itself to the correct spot. Even if you only cleaned three times per week, that would be a time savings of more than 100 hours annually that is currently being spent walking your robot to its starting point and back. Imagine what your team could do with another few weeks of productivity in the year! Incorporating the cost of the operator’s time that is being saved, Home Base will quickly pay for itself.

For more information or to learn how you can get Avidbots Home Base click here.

Avidbots is relentless in finding new ways to further automate your cleaning tasks while making Neo even more effective and efficient. Home Base is the next step on that journey. Something as simple as having Neo drive itself to its work areas and back is yet another way Avidbots and Neo are helping businesses, like yours, increase productivity through automation.

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