September 20, 2023

SC Johnson Professional® Floor Care Products Now Available through Avidbots

Avidbots is excited to announce that several floor care products from SC Johnson Professional to be used with Neo 2 will now be available directly through Avidbots!

The low foaming profile of the SC Johnson Professional® Neutral pH Floor & Surface Cleaner will help keep Neo 2 bots on the move. The TruFill® dispensing system automatically blends the neutral floor cleaner into the bot, providing worry-free dilution and the EZ CARE Heavy-Duty Scrub Pad will help maintain the floor’s high-gloss appearance. These SC Johnson Professional® floor care products are ideal for pairing with the Avidbots Neo 2 autonomous floor scrubber.

Now, all Neo 2 customers in transportation, education, retail, and healthcare spaces will have access to these robust SC Johnson Professional® floor care products.

Features of the SC Johnson Professional® floor care products:

Heavy-Duty Neutral pH Floor & Surface Cleaner

  • A patented low foaming, low residue cleaning concentrate.
  • Specially formulated for daily maintenance of high traffic floors and deep scrub/recoat applications as well as for daily cleaning of a variety of hard, non-porous surfaces.
  • Neutral pH formula cleans without dulling the floor’s finish, providing excellent gloss retention.

TruFill® Dispensing System

  • Easy-to-use, quick-change cartridges that automatically blend concentrates with water to provide worry-free dilution.
  • The twist-lock design securely attaches the dispenser head to the no-spill 2-liter cartridge.
  • The rugged system easily attaches to Neo 2 for simplified filling.

EZ Care Heavy Duty Scrub Pad

  • Effectively removes scuffs, scratches, and black heel marks.
  • Reduces the need to burnish while maintaining the floor’s high gloss appearance.
  • Dual-purpose pad cleans and shines in the same step.
  • Works well with the SC Johnson Professional® Heavy-Duty Neutral pH Floor & Surface Cleaner.

All three products are compatible with Neo 2 and can be purchased directly from Avidbots where you purchase other consumables, including squeegees.

Visit our consumables page for more information:


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