February 6, 2023

Simplifying your seasonal floor care routines: 4 tips and tricks

One of Neo’s key features is its ability to adjust and adapt to the environment. 

Whether it’s a holiday-themed setup in a retail store or adjustments to seasonal floor care routines to account for shifting weather, Neo’s always ready.

In these instances and more, Neo can modify its cleaning settings to match your facility’s layout or the changing seasons. It’s just one way Neo simplifies your cleaning operations for a hassle-free experience. 

Indeed, depending on the time of year, you may be dealing with varying levels of salt, slush, dirt and water. When that happens, it can be a struggle to maintain cleanliness standards. But not with Neo.

Just like you mow your lawn, rake fallen leaves or put snow tires on your car, you can apply seasonal changes to your Neo as well.

Do your team a favor by using these four tips and tricks on your Neo for a more productive and efficient floor care process.

1. Clean trouble spots more often without additional labor

During certain months of the year, messes such as salt, slush, mud and more collect at entranceways, doorways and other high traffic spots. When this occurs, staff must clean those areas more regularly, taking them away from other important cleaning tasks. 

Instead of redirecting your team to manually clean the same areas over and over, let Neo do the work for you. Indeed, the Avidbots Cleaning Plan Generation team can modify Neo so it repeats sectors of your floor plan where seasonal weather creates additional messes on your floors.

Imagine selecting one setting when cleaning the floors in the spring or summer and another for fall and winter. Over an entire year, you would save hundreds of labor hours, and all you had to do was tap a touchscreen.

2. Update the cleaning maps for changing layouts

As fall moves into winter, larger entrance rugs and mats replace smaller ones to deal with salt and slush. This poses a problem for cleaning robots, whose brushes and pads aren’t meant to move over and clean those surfaces.

Thankfully, there’s an easy solution: update the cleaning maps. The Avidbots Cleaning Plan Generation Team (CPG) can easily program these changes into your cleaning plan.

Another instance of changing layouts and the impact it has on floor care is during festive periods or holidays. These events see pop-up displays, kiosks and other objects added to public facilities.

Once again, by advising the CPG team of these changes, they can gather precise data to easily update your cleaning maps. And as a bonus, Neo doesn’t need someone to manually reteach it the entire route over again — unlike other cleaning robots on the market. 

It’s yet another way Avidbots Command Center makes accessing and updating your cleaning plans simple and straightforward, ensuring a continuous clean without human intervention. 

For reference, we’ve included the cleaning plan for an office tower in Toronto, Canada. You can see the changes between the summer and winter months, with the addition of larger rugs near the main entrance as well as carpet runners added in the elevator banks.


summer auto avidbots setting


winter auto avidbots setting

The seasonal changes in the cleaning plan have been highlighted in the orange boxes.

Make seasonal floor care a breeze with Neo’s flexible cleaning settings!

3. Cleaning floors in fall and winter: Check the squeegees

Over time squeegees will wear. This wear depends on the floor surface, hours run and substances picked up. Even chemicals used in the facility or in the cleaning process can affect a squeegee’s lifespan.

Therefore, replacing and adjusting squeegees is important to ensure optimal cleanliness. 

When replacing the squeegees, make sure to select the right type of squeegee to match your floor’s finish. This will produce the best cleaning results. Check out this handy squeegee material selection guide to match the right squeegee with the right floor type.

And to best prepare for fall and winter floor care, ensure you have an adequate number of squeegees. Using them past their lifespan could negatively affect cleaning performance. 

You should also pay attention to the squeegee blade position. As rear squeegees wear over time or when replacing them with new ones, the amount of floor contact can change, affecting the squeegee’s ability to collect water.

When this occurs, you need to make minor adjustments. You can increase or decrease the drag using a 13mm wrench. 

Note: decreasing the rear squeegee drag may result in residual water spillage.

4. Adjusting the water and brush pressure

Tweak your cleaning settings for more effective floor care. A good example of this is the water and brush pressure. Alterations to both will help you tackle seasonal cleaning challenges. 

You may not require maximum water and brush pressure all the time. In fact, the wrong settings could be ineffective. 

For example, in some circumstances, cleaning salt and slush in the winter may require higher water and brush pressure, while cleaning dirt and debris in the spring may require the opposite.

Did you know you can manually change this per clean? If you make the same changes every day, the Avidbots Cleaning Plan Generation Team can adjust the settings to default, so you have one less thing to worry about. 

To manually change the water or brush pressure, follow these steps:


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3


Step 4


Despite our efforts, we can’t escape the changing seasons. But we can prepare for them — and so can your Neo!

Please contact us to learn more, including having changes made to your cleaning plans in preparation for the winter months here in North America.

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