June 18, 2020

Meet the redesigned Avidbots Command Center

Avidbots Command Center is a proprietary cloud-based web app to monitor, manage and track your Neo — or an entire fleet of Neos — from anywhere at any time. This provides the Neo autonomous floor scrubbing robot with a level of oversight and performance measurement that you won’t find in other commercial floor scrubbers.

Avidbots Command Center allows you to monitor Neo remotely and in real-time, accessing a variety of information, including:

Performance reporting:

View productivity metrics, trend reports and visual ratings for each cleaning operation, letting you know what’s working well and what can be improved upon. Any issues that arise during cleaning (such as an aisle being passed because it’s blocked) are highlighted on the cleaning plan. You can generate in-depth performance reports, including:

  • Total area cleaned
  • Total cleaning time
  • Productivity (total area cleaned divided by total cleaning time)
  • Water consumption

With this information, you’re able to optimize the effectiveness of your cleaning operation and boost ROI.

Monitor your fleet remotely:

Whether you have one Neo, a few or an entire fleet, you’re able to keep tabs on them at all times via Command Center Remote Monitor. You can view their online status and location at any time and set automated alerts to your mobile device. For a closer look at the cleaning process, you can drill down for real-time video monitoring.

View & manage cleaning plans & maps:

View and manage all cleaning plans for your Neo(s) within the Avidbots Command Center. If the floor layout changes seasonally or for maintenance, facility managers can request map updates. Optimized cleaning plans are just another way the Neo autonomous floor-cleaning robot lets you and your managers continuously improve your cleaning operation.

What’s new:

Now that we’ve covered the basics of Avidbots Command Center, we’re excited to introduce a few updates. Meet the redesigned Fleet Performance Dashboard, which demonstrates how your fleet is performing at a glance.

  • Know how many cleaning plans were successfully completed (or not) within a specified time period, and drill down with a single click.
  • Measure how well your robots are doing against target expectations, with conditional color formatting to quickly gauge overall fleet performance.
  • Identify the best performing robots and/or locations and the ones that need attention.
  • Determine whether the facility is consistently being cleaned.

operational metrics of Neo

If you’d like to learn more about Avidbots Command Center and utilize the Fleet Performance Dashboard, please contact us.

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