April 25, 2022

Deploying automated floor cleaning robots in facilities management

The decision to deploy automated floor-cleaning robots is a decision to embrace innovation at your facility. The internal and external factors that contribute to the adoption of robots at facilities can vary by business and market. Productivity gains, operating efficiencies and the consistent delivery of higher cleaning standards are all attractive benefits. But at the outset, the move to automation may seem daunting. Understanding available technology, creating a business case, change management processes and human factors are all important considerations.

At ISSA 2018, Avidbots asked four leaders in Facilities Management to share their learnings from successfully introducing automated floor-cleaning robots at their facilities.

We heard inspiring stories of how these leaders convinced their organizations of the need for automation, building the necessary insight to test, learn and deploy the Neo commercial floor-scrubbing robot.

  • How do facility managers embark on this decision to deploy automated floor-cleaning robots in their operation?
  • What is the process that they go through? What were their concerns when introducing robots at their facilities?
  • What were their drivers to automation, what challenges did they face, and how did they build a winning business case for investment?
  • Is it really possible to boost productivity and profitability while maximizing human potential?

In this eBook, you’ll discover:

  • How their journey to automation began; including deployment strategies, drivers to automation and how they created a culture within their organization to embrace automation.
  • The key roles that data, safety and managing the implementation of the robots at facilities played in their move to automate.
  • How Avidbots Neo is transforming their business today and into the future, including delivering significant ROI.

This eBook is a must-read for anyone considering deploying automated floor-cleaning robots at their facilities.


  1. Drivers to Automation
  2. Initial Concerns
  3. Deployment Challenges
  4. The Importance of Data
  5. Building the Business Case
  6. Deployment Learnings

Download the eBook now to read about deploying automated floor-cleaning robots in facilities management.

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