July 11, 2022

Three benefits of Home Base by Avidbots

Around the globe, Neo is helping third-party logistics and warehouse operators increase productivity and efficiency through intelligent cleaning automation. While Neo autonomously cleans the warehouse floor their team can focus on value-added and revenue-generating activities.

Home Base is one element that makes this possible. Avidbots’ innovation is an efficiency-boosting feature that separates Neo from the competition. And not just from standard ride-on or walk-behind floor scrubbing options — but also autonomous floor cleaners as well.

At the push of a button, Neo can travel to a convenient, predetermined start location. Once Neo arrives at its start position, it begins cleaning. Upon completion, Neo returns autonomously to its home base position — no human intervention needed.

Here are three ways Home Base can improve your warehouse operations.


1. Reduces the strain on your workers

Warehouses span hundreds of thousands of square feet and more. As a result, the average warehouse worker walks 10 miles per day as they complete their daily duties. Warehousing jobs are already physically demanding without walking a mini-marathon every shift.

Home Base removes the need for staff to physically move a floor scrubber from the storage location to the start position, reducing travel time and lessening potential worker fatigue.

2. Freeing your workforce: Home Base reallocates staff to core business activities

Warehouses operate around the clock, with various equipment, goods and, most importantly, people constantly in motion. Additionally, warehouse workers complete multiple jobs in these dynamic environments and labor shortages are exacerbating the situation, requiring staff to take on even more tasks. Home Base eliminates the task of moving a floor scrubber to and from the cleaning plan start location. With Home Base autonomously managing the commute, your warehouse team has more time to spend on other revenue-generating activities.

3. Streamline your operations with cleaning automation

Automation has revolutionized the warehousing industry through incremental gains at every level of the logistics chain. From pallet movers to storage and retrieval systems, technology has introduced new efficiencies into a sector juggling constant growth and the need to keep pace. Home Base is an added feature that allows Neo to take on even more of the autonomous clean by itself. Considering the U.S warehousing industry loses 265 million hours per year from workers walking between commonplace tasks, Neo and Home Base can help you unlock further significant operational efficiencies.

Build efficiency into your warehouse workflows with Home Base

To discover how Neo and Home Base combine to reduce warehouse operating costs, increase productivity and improve worker satisfaction, please contact us to learn more.

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