July 22, 2020

Warehousing and logistics: Autonomous robots helping to ease the increased demand for cleaning

The COVID-19 pandemic has had drastic effects on the world. From education to healthcare, and everything in between, organizations have adapted in ways both unexpected and expected.

One major shift has been a huge boost in online shopping. While previous years have seen both an increase in online purchases and an expanded online selection, growth in 2020 has been unprecedented. This surge in demand has increased the stress on warehouses and shipping companies.

While many warehouses and distribution centers have embraced new technologies to increase efficiency, the demand to keep up has put a spotlight on the urgent need to implement automation. Companies are not replacing jobs with robotics; they're just trying to keep pace with the growth.

Some tasks are better performed by people — whether that means people can perform the tasks to a higher degree of accuracy or whether it's more time-efficient, safer, and more practical to have a person perform the task in question. Some tasks can be automated, however, allowing workers to focus on tasks that leverage their unique skills.

Autonomous floor scrubbing robots are being used across the globe in higher numbers than ever before. It's expected that the U.S. will need an additional one billion square feet of warehouse space by 2025. Add a global pandemic with an increased need for consistent, regular cleaning and sanitizing, and it feels insurmountable. With huge expanses of floor area, regular sanitization requires an army of people.

Recognizing this issue, many warehousing and logistics companies including DHL have turned to Avidbots Neo, the autonomous floor scrubbing robot. Neo is equipped with the technology to perform its job efficiently and safely without a person driving. Powered by the Avidbots AI Platform, Neo continuously adapts to dynamic warehouse environments while maintaining a consistent, high-quality clean.

Adding Neo as a cleaning team member means:

  • Reliability: Neo allows your workforce to use their key strengths, focusing on the core KPIs that matter to your business while Neo maintains the floor and keeps everyone safe. With Neo, the floors are cleaned accurately, efficiently and consistently.
  • Support: The Avidbots Customer Success gives you 24/7/365 access to our team of experts via phone or quick-response email, ensuring maximum uptime and efficiency for your Neo.
  • Quality: At Avidbots, we're a 100% robotics company that owns the solution end-to-end — from the cleaning head and hardware to all parts that make Neo an autonomous robot. As a result, Neo is an integrated autonomous floor scrubbing robot made from the ground up, delivering the best autonomous floor cleaning in the market.
  • Safety: Powered by the Avidbots AI Platform, Neo handles dynamic warehouse environments with ease by recognizing and working around anyone and anything. E-stop buttons, bumpers and integrated warning lights mean Neo keeps the operating environment safe.
  • Cleaning Optimization: The Avidbots Command Center, our cloud-based web software platform, gives you unprecedented insight into your Neo’s performance, meaning you can monitor and make changes to optimize your floor care operation.

With the drastic changes across the globe due to COVID-19, businesses have adapted quickly to address the health and safety of customers, employees and the public at large.

Avidbots is working alongside our partners to keep up with the demands for thorough, high-quality and consistent cleaning in warehouses across the world. Contact us today to discuss adding Neo to your cleaning team.

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