April 4, 2022

#NationalRoboticsWeek Spotlight: Mechatronics engineer April Riddett talks mentoring, her time at Avidbots and the future of robotics!

As a leader in the robotics industry, National Robotics Week is an important week for all of us at Avidbots as we celebrate technology and STEM.

As part of the celebration, Jeff Justice, Marketing Manager at Avidbots, sits down with colleague April Riddett, Technology Product Manager, Mechatronics, to discuss her experiences coming up in tech, her journey to becoming a key contributor at an innovative, industry-leading robotics company and some thoughts about the future of automation.

About April Riddett, Tech Product Manager, Mechatronics – Avidbots

April is a focused and dedicated Mechatronics Project Manager that’s helping drive product development at Avidbots. Outside of work, April volunteers at FIRST, helping mentor young people, and young girls specifically, who are interested in a career in STEM. April’s passions include animal welfare, education, disaster & humanitarian relief causes, STEM and watching Battle Bots.

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