May 8, 2019

How a robot changed the way these businesses approached floor cleaning

If you walk down the halls of Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, NY, you might have to make way for a distinctly non-human employee of the school: Neo the commercial floor cleaning robot. 

“When the kids get out of class, it fills up the hall and the robot comes down and it’s like parting the water,” says Derek Sylvester, Director of Building Environmental Services at RIT.

As commercial spaces get more intelligent — from lighting to security to cleaning — facility managers must adapt to the changing landscape in order to keep up. Sylvester is among a growing class of business leaders in the field of facilities management who have turned to commercial floor cleaning robots to help their businesses stay relevant and profitable in an increasingly high-tech environment.  

But, as is the case with any cutting-edge technology, deployment hasn't been without challenges. 

In the latest eBook from Avidbots, learn how Sylvester and other customers in the retail, education, food service and commercial real estate industries overcame these challenges — and discovered happier employees, satisfied customers and increased productivity along the way.  

Read the eBook now and discover: 

  • How the journey to automation began for these facilities managers. 
  • A discussion on data, safety and managing implementation of the robotic automated floor cleaning solution. 
  • How Neo is transforming business today and into the future.

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