May 25, 2019

Announcing new software updates – Neo v. 2.6 and Command Center v. 1.39

At Avidbots, we don’t just create a robot floor scrubber. From the Neo and Command Center software to world-class support, we go beyond other automated cleaning solutions to provide a complete cleaning system.  

As a software company, we always strive to keep you up-to-date on the latest enhancements to our software. We’ve recently made a few updates to the Neo software that will improve the way Neo navigates. We’ve also added some reporting capabilities to the Avidbots Command Center web app that will help you gather the cleaning metrics you need. Unlike simple self-driving scrubbers, Neo is a robotic platform that gets better over time with software updates.  Just one more reason to invest in Avidbots as your cleaning automation partner. 

So take a look at what’s new in the Neo software and Command Center software. We know you’ll be impressed.

Tackle more complex hallways

Gone are the days when your Neo robot floor scrubber could only tackle one hallway at a time. With the new software version, Neo can clean multiple adjacent hallways in one cleaning by organically navigating more complex shapes. Neo can also clean narrow hallways where it doesn’t have the room to turn around. If you’re already using Neo at your facility, contact your Avidbots Cleaning Plan Generation team representative to take advantage of this great new feature.

Got complicated hallways? No problem. Neo can now easily navigate complex and narrow hallways

Be ready for unexpected events

If you’re like most businesses, you’ve planned your cleaning schedule to avoid the busiest times in your facility. And if you’re like most businesses, those predictable schedules have occasionally been disrupted by unpredictable events, such as a mass emergency at a hospital or a surge in arrivals at an airport due to weather. 

With the latest release of the Neo software, Neo can be paused and manually driven out of the way when unforeseen circumstances arise. Then, when the situation is resolved, Neo can automatically resume cleaning right where it left off.

Access the data that matters to your business

We’ve made a couple of updates to the Avidbots Command Center software that will help you tailor reports to your business, including:

Flexible filtering

You are no longer restricted to midnight start times when pulling aggregate metrics. Advanced View in Reports in the Command Center now gives you the ability to filter by start time and end time, as well as a start date and end date so you can view metrics specific to your operation.

You can now better tailor reports to your operation by using the time range filter.

See what’s trending

Proactively address usage or coverage declines or improvements across your fleet with the new Trends option in Advanced View in Reports, which provides insight into how your key metrics are trending over time.

Customize Command Center to your needs

We know that not all of our customers are native English speakers. That’s why the Avidbots Command Center software now allows you to change the Preferred Language in your Profile to Finnish, Korean or Traditional Chinese.

After you change your Preferred Language, the Command Center will be displayed in the language you choose. As part of this enhancement, the default language for New Users you add to your Command Center Account will also be the preferred language you set in your Profile.

Managers also have an additional customization option in Command Center: the ability to rename their location’s Cleaning Plans without needing to contact the Avidbots Cleaning Plan Generation team.

Command Center can be configured to suit your needs.

That’s it for the latest enhancements to your Avidbots Neo software and Command Center software. If you have any questions about the updates or wish to learn more about how Neo can benefit your business, contact us today!

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