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Retail & shopping centers

Smarter floor cleaning & disinfected surfaces for cleaner retail & shopping centers

Intelligent cleaning for a smarter retail center

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Say hello to Kas, your team’s favorite new coworker

Clean close to edges, up and down aisles, in and around customers and more! Kas is the latest addition to the Avidbots family of autonomous cleaning robots, with advanced autonomy allowing agile navigation even in the tightest spaces. Merging forward-thinking design with enhanced cleaning performance, Kas gives you greater flexibility to clean even more areas.

Cleanliness and safety are vital for elevating the shopping experience

With the rapid adoption of online shopping and unprecedented competition for consumer leisure time, brick-and-mortar retailers must reinvent and refine their guest experience to attract premium visitors and encourage spending. Thanks to social media, every guest can be an influential reviewer, making it critical for operators to continually improve quality standards while maintaining cost efficiency.

Cleaner shopping centres are vital elements of customer advocacy, especially in the new normal, but increasing labor costs, high rates of cleaning staff absence, as well as turnover all, pose critical threats to quality.

Why Neo 2 robot for cleaning of retail and shopping centers?

The fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot helps keep bricks and mortar shopping locations sparkling and clean

Neo provides a consistent, efficient and measurable clean every time you press GO, helping to ensure a safe and healthy shopping experience for your customers. Built with state-of-the-art technology and multiple safety features, you can have a robot for cleaning and disinfecting your facility during opening hours without disruption to the shopping experience.

Meet Neo
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Make Neo a trusted part of your Retail or Shopping Center floor cleaning team

Neo results in a superior autonomous clean and disinfection

Neo increases cleaning frequency

Neo reallocates custodial efforts to high-touch 3D surfaces

Neo enhances the retail or shopping center’s public image

Neo decreases the exposure to workforce issues including employee absenteeism and turnover

Neo provides highly detailed reporting for a measurable clean

Learn more about how Neo can become part of your cleaning operations.

'Neo helps free up our people from hours of floor scrubbing...'

“Neo helps free up our people from hours of floor scrubbing, allowing them to move on to more detailed sanitizing of high-touch surfaces throughout our centres. Our experience over 4 years is that using Avidbots Neo makes us more productive, more cost-effective and makes our work easier. The software onboard the Avidbots Neo allows us to monitor, track and measure the performance of the contract for our clients. This year we are very excited to welcome the latest addition to our fleet, the Avidbots Neo 2.”

'Allowed us to redivert essential labour to other tasks...'

“Automating the floor scrubbing process has allowed us to redivert essential labour to other tasks. For example, we have been able to provide increased glass and handrail cleaning thanks to the automation of our floor scrubbing deliverable.”