June 30, 2020

Superstores & grocery stores: A renewed focus on cleaning & sanitizing

After three months, almost all of Ontario has entered Stage 2 of reopening the province, with much of Canada and the United States well into their reopening plans. This is welcome news for many businesses that have struggled through this pandemic. Although thousands of businesses have been affected by closures, grocery and superstores have remained open, providing essential products for households.

During the last few months, grocery stores have implemented several measures to keep their employees and customers safe. Along with PPE, physical distancing, plexiglass barriers and limited capacity, there's a large focus on cleaning and sanitizing. Employees now manually disinfect the conveyor belt and payment machines at check-out, as well as carts and more. With the added labor required to meet the increased need for regular and consistent cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting, one critical cleaning question remains: are the floors getting the same level of attention?

The pandemic has increased customers’ awareness of their surroundings and the need to make them, along with employees, feel safe. When you see the cleaning tasks being performed, it's reassuring. With grocery stores and superstores spanning up to 150,000 square feet, the task of floor cleaning on a regular and consistent basis can become impossible to complete.

Large grocery retailers are increasingly turning to autonomous floor scrubbers like Avidbots Neo to efficiently and effectively get the job done. Not only does this allow employees to focus on surfaces that require human dexterity to clean, but it gives them more time to focus on serving customers. 

Neo is a state-of-the-art autonomous floor scrubbing robot powered by the Avidbots AI Platform which delivers dynamic mapping capabilities and high-tech obstacle avoidance technology. In large, busy and constantly changing environments like grocery stores and superstores, Neo is the ideal choice to augment cleaning efforts. With Neo, you will:

  • Improve Brand Image: Visible cleaning helps customers feel safe. With Neo cleaning the floors, customers know you place great value on their health and well-being as they shop in your store.
  • Be Efficient: With Neo added to the team, cleaning staff can focus on high-touch 3-D surfaces and leave the vast area of the floors to the autonomous floor scrubbing robot. Neo doesn’t require time off, so the job will be completed on schedule and with precision.
  • Have Expert Support: Avidbots Customer Success provides unparalleled 24/7/365 assistance via phone or quick-response email, keeping your Neo operating at peak performance.
  • Monitor Your Performance: Avidbots Command Center, our proprietary web-based software, allows in-depth monitoring of your robot(s) to ensure maximum efficiency. Cleaning time, water usage and productivity measurements are easily accessible so you can boost your ROI.

If you’d like to learn more about Neo, the autonomous floor scrubbing robot, and how you can help offset some of the additional cleaning demands placed on your teams, please contact us. We’d be happy to work together, putting a plan in place that sets your business up for success as we cope with the “new normal”.

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