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Coming Summer 2024

Meet Kas, your team’s
favorite new coworker

Introducing Kas, an innovative cleaning solution tailor-made for tight spaces, dynamic environments, and worry-free operation. Clean even more of your workspace without sacrificing more time and resources. High productivity, the most advanced autonomy, and a user-friendly design make Kas a great cleaning companion.

Early Recognition

Kas will change the way businesses think about cleaning, with its leading-edge design and productivity-boosting features helping organizations see a brighter, sustainable, and more efficient future

Join us at ISSA 2023 or NRF 2024 to see Kas in action.

Cleanliness built on power, precision, and measurability

Kas cleans to a higher standard, improving the quality and consistency of floor care without the added hassle. Performance measurement software, high downforce, a dual-tank design — just a few ways Kas delivers a commercial-grade clean that’s more than skin-deep.

Peace of mind built on safety and security

Designed to IEC 61508 for safety and security, Kas blends seamlessly into busy environments. A friend to both your floors and your customers, you can breathe easily with Kas on your team.

Service your customers instead of the floors

Redeploy your team to customer-focused, revenue-generating activities while Kas handles the mess. Long-lasting, easily exchangeable LFP batteries and large solution tanks for higher productivity give you more time to focus on your customers. Alongside commercial-grade cleaning results that will leave them impressed, Kas can help you take your business to new levels.

Kas is a great fit for commercial spaces


(stores and malls)

Health care



(airports and transit)


Kas makes a great partner and can be deployed as multiple units or in combination with Neo.

Coming Summer 2024

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