March 23, 2023

3 ways reliable cleaning records ensure higher cleaning standards

Can you check and verify the status of your cleaning operations as often as you want, or only when a staff member has the time and availability to check themselves?

Facility managers face challenges daily keeping track of cleanliness. Often relying on word of mouth or paper checklists, it can be a daunting game of cat and mouse.

When accurate cleaning logs determine your course of action, there is no margin for error. Moreover, when even the slightest misinterpretation or oversight can have repercussions later on, verifiable records are a necessity. Frankly, human reporting isn’t enough.

Human reporting is open to errors and misinterpretation. Along with high rates of employee absenteeism and turnover in the cleaning professions, this makes it difficult to accurately monitor and measure what was cleaned and what wasn’t.

Therefore, digital, always-updating, cloud-based record keeping is an effective way to track — and improve — your team’s cleaning efforts across your facility.

Here are three ways reliable cleaning records help you manage your facility.

1. Accurate cleaning records show proof of work

If you’re not methodically tracking your team’s floor care and surface disinfection tasks, you can’t guarantee the quality of cleanliness within your facility.

Proof of work provides reassurance, an important factor when the health and safety of everyone who passes through a building could be at risk from an unclean environment.

An easier and more efficient way to achieve proof of work is through software. Using software allows you to closely monitor, manage and measure your cleaning operations. You know where your teams are and when, keeping track of every task along the way; nothing gets left to chance.

In-depth reporting is especially important in bustling facilities with little to no downtime between activities. They allow busy custodial crews to swiftly move from one cleaning chore to the next, confident in their assessment that the area is clean and ready for use.

2. Encouraging higher cleaning standards among workers

Cleaning records that promote visibility and accountability encourage higher working standards, and it’s not difficult to understand why: meticulous cleaning data ensures nothing goes unnoticed.

Imagine getting frequent reports on your smartphone showing the cleanliness status of eight different locations in your facility. If that report showed four locations completed 12 hours of total cleaning time whereas the remaining four only hit 5 hours, how would you react?

When your team knows they must answer for the quality of their work, they won’t cut corners.

In fact, rewarding top performing staff creates an environment of positive reinforcement that fosters an even greater level of commitment. A situation where both sides benefit; a win-win scenario. But this isn’t possible without easily accessible and up-to-date cleaning reports.

3. Compliance made easy: Meeting — and surpassing — industry workplace requirements

Every industry follows rules and guidelines around the working conditions and health and safety standards within their facilities. Failure to comply results in penalties ranging from financial fines to building closures.

One key area is cleanliness. Organizations go to extreme lengths to guarantee everything is in order. However, without detailed cleaning data, the process is long, costly and ineffective. 

Processing and storage in the food services industry is a good example. Businesses must meet stringent Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) guidelines. 

Cleaning reports and analytics show regulators how, where and when you cleaned your facility, streamlining the entire process and limiting the potential for costly downtime. 

Therefore, verifiable cleaning records aren’t just convenient, they let your operations continue uninterrupted.

Additionally, when you have video footage to back up your records — like with Avidbots Command Center — you’re showing a level of transparency that will leave a positive impression.

Avidbots Command Center: The data you need to succeed

Discover the multiple benefits of cleaning data with Neo, the fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot. 

Avidbots Command Center, our web-based app for monitoring, managing and measuring floor care performance, is a key tool towards achieving a cleaner, productive and more efficient facility.

Neo’s performance metrics and fleet management software allow you to make smarter decisions about when, where and how you clean your environment. In fact, in-depth performance reporting helps unlock insights and efficiencies that were previously hidden.

Neo’s user-friendly digital dashboard.


Neo's cleaning report highlighting important cleaning data.


Optimize and simplify your workflow with precise cleaning records

Unlock a cleaner facility through data-rich oversight and performance measurement capabilities that go above and beyond your employees’, your customers’ and your auditors’ expectations.

Take the guesswork out of managing floor care in your facility. After all, a clean you can measure is a clean you can trust! 

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