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Platform Overview

The Avidbots® operating platform

Powering Neo, Neo 2W, and Kas with user-friendly features and support


Command Center

Customer Success

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Taking the ‘micro’ out of managing your cleaning process

The Avidbots operating platform has been designed with three key components that work together to help you optimize your cleaning operations.

Avidbots Autonomy, our proprietary AI software, enables our robots to think and deliver a high-quality clean every time, while the Avidbots Command Center puts valuable insights and metrics at your fingertips so you can constantly improve how you use your time and resources. With Avidbots Customer Success providing access to expert support 24/7, we guarantee our robots will be a valuable member of your team from the first time you press GO.

  • Powerful AI, computer vision, and deep learning software equip our robots with situational awareness and advanced decision-making capabilities
  • An intuitive web-based app lets you monitor, manage, and measure your robot from anywhere
  • Industry-leading support ensures your robot delivers the best clean every time you press GO
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The best autonomous clean in the industry

Discover the platform that helps improve your cleaning efficiency

'Ensures a maximum level of productivity...'

“We believe Avidbots Neo floor-scrubbing robots are the most advanced and capable cleaning robots on the market. Avidbots Neo is the only floor-scrubbing robot that uses AI to learn as it goes, autonomously remapping pathways to avoid obstacles and deliver the most effective cleaning. This solution ensures a maximum level of productivity since we do not need ground staff to constantly reteach the robots.”

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Are all robot floor cleaners created equal? Evaluating planning methods

The household robot vacuum technology has definitely improved, but the overall concept remains the same. When potential customers first see the autonomous floor scrubbing robot Neo in action, they compare it to something they’re familiar with, the iRobot Roomba.