October 17, 2022

A place to create and collaborate: New HQ helps Avidbotters thrive

At Avidbots we design, create, manufacture, sell and service cutting-edge autonomous robotic cleaning solutions. This means we’re constantly seeking ways we can develop our business and our culture, continuing to raise the bar. Pushing the needle is our default setting and a key motivation behind the products we create.

Since our founding in 2014, our diverse and brilliant employees have been the force behind our continued growth and the foundation which makes Avidbots’ success possible. They’ve propelled us forward year after year, shaping Avidbots’ culture in the process.

After five years at our previous facility, we’re doubling down in the community with a brand-new headquarters at 45 Washburn Dr, Kitchener, Ontario! This new building will operate alongside our existing location, adding yet another innovative space for Avidbotters to thrive. We continue to expand in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, strengthening our already strong roots with a modern, contemporary and comfortable environment for Avidbotters to call home.


An open concept space by design, our spacious 30,000-square-foot headquarters is brimming with new and exciting features and amenities. This mixed office space contains multifunctional areas throughout, providing Avidbotters with everything they need to collaborate, grow and succeed. These include game rooms and recreational areas to laugh, play and have fun.


Neo’s hunger for floor care is almost as big as an Avidbotters’ appetite! So it’s only right that they have a comfy and well-stocked café and snack bar to indulge their cravings and break bread with their fellow coworkers.


We all need a relaxing space where we can unwind, decompress and re-energize our body and spirit. That’s why we have rest areas throughout where Avidbotters can find peace and balance as they ideate and create.


Advanced engineering labs and testing areas empower Avidbotters to craft and design new technology inside cutting-edge spaces. These purpose-built environments are perfect for Neo and creating the cleaning robots of the future.


Our new headquarters isn’t just a shiny new space; it’s a slingshot into a new era at Avidbots. A place where Avidbotters can stretch their legs — and their minds — as they create, collaborate and shape the future of fully autonomous robotics. 

Interested in exploring career opportunities at Avidbots or seeing the space for yourself? Please click here to learn more.

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