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5 Ways Airport Cleaning Machines Drive Business Outcomes

With COVID in the rearview mirror for vacationers, people are flocking to airports across the world in search of sunrise, adventure and relaxation.

Demand for air travel continues to climb, with year-over-year growth for domestic and international travel showing people’s appetite to take to the skies once again. But their experience up to the point they board the plane plays a huge role in setting the tone for the rest of their vacation.

For airports across the world, creating seamless, comfortable and worry-free travel is vital to this experience. From transportation and parking to check-in, dining and entertainment, they want their guests’ layovers and stopovers to be as smooth and relaxing as possible.

Yet, one area is still a top priority for both airport managers and travelers: cleanliness

A clean airport is a thriving airport, and there are few better ways to encourage return business than with clean, shiny, streak-free floors.

Here are 5 ways airport cleaning machines, like Neo floor cleaner, help your facility reach its business goals.

Ease your labor troubles

No matter the industry or facility, worker shortages are everywhere. Organizations can’t find enough willing workers to fill open positions.

Hiring and retaining labor takes time and money, precious commodities in today’s economic landscape. The problem worsens in certain professions where high turnover creates a cycle of constantly needing to hire and replace staff. Case in point: custodial labor.

Already beset by airport-wide staffing shortages across numerous roles, keeping airports clean — never mind improving cleanliness standards — is a constant battle.

So, instead of a long, costly struggle to plug holes in your labor force, automatic floor cleaning machines offer a sensible, cost-effective and long-term solution.

Neo, the fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot, is a reliable, dependable and trustworthy alternative to manual cleaning equipment — and the workers you need to operate them.

Cleaning up to six hours on a single charge, Neo’s swappable batteries mean you can run Neo for as long as you need.

Indeed, Neo’s unwavering availability never leaves your cleaning operations shorthanded. Whether it’s early morning or late at night, Neo gives you the flexibility to clean when and where you want regardless of staffing levels.

And with cost savings that grow the more you use it, it’s a return on investment that boosts your balance sheet too.

Streamline your cleaning expenses

Finding enough cleaners is one part of the labor problem airports face at the moment. The other is cost.

Rising wages are squeezing cleaning budgets at the same moment airports are rebalancing their finances in the wake of inflation and interest rate hikes. This makes financial planning unpredictable and expensive.

Neo is an antidote to tight cleaning budgets, higher salaries and economic uncertainty. Simply put, Neo doesn’t ask for a raise, require health benefits or need overtime pay when it works after-hours.

Across an entire year, Neo saves you potentially thousands of labor hours. What’s more, it’s a scalable solution, meaning your savings grow with every Neo you add to your team.

Whether you deploy one Neo or many, the improvements to your balance sheet are stable and long-term, a return on investment that delivers for years to come.

Optimize custodial resources

Airports are more than just buildings where you buy plane tickets, manage baggage and line up to board your flight. They’re hybrid facilities serving a variety of functions, with numerous comforts and amenities on offer.

As a result, cleaning the floors is only one part of the cleanliness equation. With so many products and services available, this creates many touchpoints. Frequently disinfecting these surfaces — especially post-pandemic — is therefore a top priority.

However, on-demand surface cleaning in high-traffic areas means diverting custodial staff away from other cleaning tasks; there’s only so much work a cleaning crew can carry out at any given moment. This is where Neo lends a helping hand.

When you deploy Neo at your airport, you can reallocate custodial efforts to other cleaning tasks while Neo scrubs the floors. With Neo on your team, increased cleaning frequency in one area of your airport doesn’t come at the expense of another.

Even better, with the Disinfection Add-On, Neo can do both jobs for you, eliminating the costs associated with acquiring two robots to complete two separate tasks. Delivering an electrostatically charged, uniform spray, Neo disinfects high touch surfaces with the same level of precision and independence it shows when cleaning the floors. And for both cleaning tasks, Neo meticulously measures and records everything.

Make smarter decisions with data

“If it can be measured, it can be improved.”

As Chief Innovation Officer at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), Brian Cobb understands the value of data to airport operations. So, after deploying Neo to simplify and improve cleanliness at CVG, the uplift to cleaning standards was transformative.

“What really sold us on this particular unit was the phenomenal dashboarding that comes along with it,” says Brian Cobb, CVG’s Chief Innovation Officer. “It’s one thing to have an active unit cleaning and doing what you would expect it to do. But the data analytics capability is really driving decisions.”

Avidbots Command Center (ACC), Neo’s web-based app for monitoring, managing and measuring facility-wide cleanliness, is the innovative software at the heart of this capability.

In large, dynamic facilities like airports, Avidbots Command Center gives you an easier way to oversee your cleaning operations. Rather than relying on firsthand reports or employee checklists — neither of which guarantee 100% accuracy — you use data instead.

From comparing the cleanliness status across multiple locations to viewing and managing cleaning plans remotely and in real time, ACC provides you with a wealth of new, insightful information.

Build brand confidence and reputation

In today’s world, where information travels fast and social media makes everyone a reviewer, impressions matter.

However, cleanliness can be skin-deep at times, a superficial appearance that doesn’t pass closer inspection. Just like you wouldn’t return to eat at an unclean restaurant, an unclean travel experience has the same outcome.

Therefore, the public’s ability to see your cleaning operations in action builds confidence in your brand, driving positive business outcomes.

To that end, is there a better way to promote your dedication to the public’s health and safety than with technology designed to deliver a more frequent and thorough clean?

Frankly, a mop and bucket or clunky, industrial-designed manual floor scrubber doesn’t inspire the same level of confidence as a cleaning robot. But not all airport floor cleaning machines offer the same capabilities, nor can they operate during active hours surrounded by people.

Thanks to Avidbots Autonomy, Neo’s artificial intelligence lets you deploy one Neo — or an entire fleet — and not worry about stoppages or public safety. It’s a quality-of-life feature that lets you set it and forget it, with none of the hand-holding that limits other cleaning robots' ability to operate in public spaces.

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