4월 3, 2024

Automation at work: Welcome Kas, your favorite new co-worker

Automation is a transformative tool, but automation designed from the ground up with purpose, performance, and usability in mind creates wonders.

Avidbots prides itself on creating technology that solves the specific needs of facilities and their workers. That’s why we’re over the moon to unveil Kas! Designed to meet the needs of your commercial facility, Kas is our latest addition to the Avidbots family of fully autonomous cleaning robots!

Following in the footsteps of Neo and Neo 2W, Kas brings Avidbots’ same cutting-edge features and technology to the table — but tailored for the unique demands of commercial spaces. Market-leading autonomy, world-class customer service and support, and revolutionary digital dashboarding capabilities make Kas your team’s favorite new co-worker — and a data evangelist, innovation enthusiast, and executive transformer’s secret weapon.

Kas is perfect for sites where a commercial-grade clean is an added value. Retail, transportation, educational facilities, healthcare, and more are all great fits for Kas. Millions of jobs remain unfilled in these industries, reinforcing the need for automation to alleviate the strain on businesses and their employees.

When cleaner floors are a virtue you want others to notice, Kas shows the world you value cleanliness, and that you embrace innovative solutions. But Kas is more than simply a cleaning process that takes care of itself — and at a fraction of the cost long term compared to manual cleaning. Thanks to its forward-thinking design, Avidbots’ commercial floor scrubber is also a terrific addition to your space, exuding confidence, modernity, and a premium-class finish that lifts your brand higher.

But as they say, the proof is in the pudding, so here’s why Kas would make a valuable addition to your team.

High performance and productivity

In stores, transit stations, schools, and other public-facing spaces, a clean and healthy environment is just as much a core feature of these facilities as any of their products or services. Cleanliness sets the stage, allowing everything else to function normally.

It’s easy to understand why. A dirty facility can affect you in countless ways. Damage to your reputation, increased liability, and scaring customers and patrons away are just a few dangers. But while poor cleanliness standards undermine your service and drag you down, higher standards are a springboard for bigger and better things.

That’s why Kas’ enhanced cleaning capabilities are a game changer — especially in today’s labor market. Cleaning is a labor-intensive task, and yet Kas raises the bar without causing you to divert more time and resources to your cleaning function.

From an extended cleaning cycle and quickly swappable battery to 24/7 remote assistance and user-friendly controls, Kas makes cleaning the floors more productive, efficient, and cost-effective — especially compared to automatic floor cleaning machines. And with up to 90 lbs of downforce, Kas also ensures a premium commercial-grade finish that’s more than skin deep — and with the numbers to prove it.

Kas keeps you updated on its status whenever you need that information. Data and analytics in the palm of your hands will change the way you approach your cleaning operations. A convenient web-based app lets you monitor, manage, and measure your robot — or a fleet of robots — remotely and in real time, so you can make smarter, more informed decisions. 

Better yet, Kas gives you the ability to focus on productivity-related, revenue-generating tasks while the robot takes care of the mess. 

The ability to reallocate your staff is a competitive advantage. Imagine improved customer service and support in retail. Picture a school, hospital, or transit station using custodial services more strategically in high-traffic areas. Labor reallocation gives you the flexibility to respond to the areas that need it most, multiplying your workforce and boosting productivity — and it all starts with Kas. 

Elevate your surroundings with an autonomous cleaning robot

We all agree you should never judge a book by its cover. But even the most avid bookworm would agree that their favorite page-turner feels extra special when it also looks good on their shelf.

Design and appearances matter; it’s human nature. The world’s acclaimed chefs internalize the mantra, “you eat with your eyes first”, realizing that a nicely plated dish whets one’s appetite long before it touches their lips. When the meal delivers on its promise, the sum experience leaves a more powerful and lasting impression.

However, this can be a delicate balancing act. After all, not all that glitters is gold. For something to truly make a difference, style and substance, form and functionality, and aesthetics and usability must meet happily in the middle.

In the world of floor cleaning robots, design has often taken a back seat to practicality. After all, these machines do a dirty job and no one cares what they look like as long as they perform.

While that may hold true behind closed doors, today’s shopping centers, grocery stores, airports, and other public facilities go to great lengths to optimize the guest experience. Indeed, technology is front and center everywhere now because many businesses must innovate to remain competitive. And they want you to know it too.

In retail, for example, building affinity between brands and their customers involves more than just competitive pricing. Stores are constantly experimenting with new technology that allows them to interact and engage with shoppers.

Research shows that improving the in-store experience plays a major role. A good layout, nice aromas, good music, an uncluttered environment, friendly and knowledgeable staff — just a few ways retailers try and encourage repeat business.

Deloitte’s latest retail industry outlook highlights as much, with enhancing the in-store customer experience one of the top four growth opportunities for retailers looking to succeed in 2024. But there’s a limit on how far businesses can go to deliver enhanced experiences when labor remains their Achilles heel. 

That’s why Kas helps you in more ways than one. Avidbots’ solution frees up the labor you already have, giving you the ability to create these updated, enhanced customer experiences. And Kas’ modern design reinforces these efforts, helping amplify your brand even more.

Indeed, when aesthetics and design meet performance and functionality, it’s the icing on the cake. That’s certainly the case with Kas, whose friendly looks and approachable styling elevate its surroundings. It’s a modern tool performing a chore to a higher standard — and looking great at the same time.

Efficiency at its best: Kas explores new cleaning frontiers

Busy commercial spaces are a challenge for many cleaning robots. Floor plans are ever-changing, human traffic is unrelenting and unpredictable, and the layouts are purposely designed to allow people, not robots, to move through freely. All these factors limit how much surface area an autonomous floor scrubber can clean in any given space, impacting the robot’s overall efficiency — until now.

Kas’ secret sauce is its AI-powered smarts, Avidbots Autonomy, which lets the robot navigate environments that were typically difficult to clean. Whereas narrow aisles and tight turns used to be a challenge, Kas moves effortlessly through both while it cleans.

Avidbots’ purpose-built solution for commercial facilities traverses tight spaces and moves around people and objects with grace and precision. And with 15 sensors and a full autonomous range of motion and field of view, Kas lets you clean even more of your floor space. In dynamic environments that demand nimble maneuverability, Kas is a great fit — figuratively and literally!

A safe, secure, & trusty sidekick: Clean confidently with Kas

The past few years have seen a historic surge in floor cleaning robots hitting the market. Changing labor demographics and economic headwinds made autonomous cleaning solutions a silver bullet. As a result, a modern-day gold rush of new cleaning robots seemingly emerged overnight.

Automating your cleaning process lifts a huge weight off your employee’s shoulders — and your finances too. But like many things in life, the devil is in the details. If your robot is unreliable, bogging down your team in maintenance and repairs, your joy will be short-lived. The same is true if the robot can't operate around people and staff safely, or if it causes damage to your facility by running into things.

Another less talked about but vitally important thing to consider is data privacy and security. Where is your robot’s information stored? Is the data encrypted? Who has access to it? A lack of transparency around these questions should set alarm bells ringing.

That’s why Avidbots builds Kas to the highest possible standards. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure you receive a secure, reliable, and safe autonomous cleaning robot. 

Moreover, Kas’ North American design means the quality, systems, and processes behind the robot’s construction are world class. A friendly addition to even the most dynamic spaces, Kas is a worry-free addition to your facility.

Kas is also a welcome sidekick to your team, with reliability and dependability they can count on. From the moment your team starts up the robot, Kas runs through a series of health and safety checks to ensure everything is in proper working order. Simply press go and let Kas do its thing; no need to hand-hold or babysit the robot.

Put all these ingredients together, and Kas is more than just a robot that scrubs the floors: it’s a commitment to your present and future success; it’s peace of mind built on safety and security; and it’s trust founded on a long and proven track record.

Cleaning reimagined: Enter a new era with Kas

If you’re interested in a smarter, more efficient way to keep your space looking and feeling its best, Avidbots can help guide you every step of the way.

Whether you’re new to automation or looking to extend its benefits to even more areas of your operations, Kas can take you into an exciting new direction with automation at work.

If a labor-friendly, cost-effective, and more efficient commercial cleaning process are goals you’re looking to achieve, get started today with a free consultation.