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The time for innovation is now.

Introducing Kas, an innovative cleaning solution tailor-made for tight spaces, dynamic environments, and worry-free operation. Enjoy a cleaner workspace without sacrificing more time and resources. High productivity, the most advanced autonomy, and a user-friendly design make Kas a great cleaning companion.

Tailor-made for high productivity in tight spaces

Kas cleans where others struggle, with advanced autonomy allowing agile navigation even in the tightest spaces. Merging forward-thinking design with enhanced cleaning performance, Kas gives you greater flexibility to clean even more areas.

Focus on your customers instead of the floors

Redeploy your team to customer-focused, revenue-generating activities while Kas handles the mess. A large solution tank gives you more time to focus on your customers, while long-lasting, easily exchangeable LFP batteries extend Kas’ capabilities even further. Automating your cleaning process with Kas ensures your customers are always your top priority.

Kas is a great fit for commercial spaces

commercial space icon retail


(stores and malls)

commercial space icon healthcare

Health care

commercial space icon education


commercial space icon transport


(airports and transit)

commercial space icon warehouse


(light duty)

Kas makes a great partner and can be deployed as multiple units or in combination with Neo.

Peace of mind built on safety and security

Designed for safety and security, Kas blends seamlessly into busy environments. A friend to both your floors and your customers, you can breathe easily with Kas on your team.

Everyone’s favorite new co-worker

Strategically multiply
your workforce.

Realize immediate savings
for your cleaning function.

Reallocate labor
to high value tasks.

See Kas in action

Ready to put automation to work in your space?


Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the answers that help improve your cleaning efficiency.

Avidbots fully autonomous cleaning robots are optimized for autonomous cleaning. Designed from the ground up to be a robot, you won’t find a cup holder, seat or steering wheel on Kas—they’re not needed, and make the robot’s design less optimal, while reducing your team’s efficiency and your return on investment.

Powered by Avidbots Autonomy, you can leave floor care to Avidbots, and let your team focus on higher-value tasks.

수동 청소기가 수년 동안 상업용 청소 업계를 지배했지만, 바닥 청소 로봇은 다양한 장점을 제공하는 차세대 솔루션입니다. Neo는 수동 바닥 청소 기기에 비해 상당한 운영 및 비즈니스적 이점을 제공합니다.


완전 자율주행 청소 기능 지원.

첨단 동적 계획 및 실시간 장애물 회피 기능을 제공하는 Avidbots Autonomy로 구동되는 Neo는 어떤 물체나 사람이 나타나도 인식하고 회피합니다. 업계를 선도하는 센서와 360° 가시성을 갖춘 Neo는 수동으로 작업할 필요 없이 시설을 자동으로 매핑하고 청소할 수 있습니다. 


최대 가동 시간 및 생산성.

특히 인건비가 상승하고 질병 및 결근 위험이 계속됨에 따라 생산적이고 비용 효율적인 청소 작업을 관리하는 것이 매우 어려운 과제가 되었습니다. Neo는 언제나 청소할 준비가 되어 있으며, 한 번의 배터리 충전으로 최대 6시간 작동이 가능하고, 배터리를 교체하면 작동 시간을 늘리는 것도 가능합니다. 


안정적으로 뛰어난 품질을 자랑하는 청소 성능.

Neo는 언제 어디서나 작동하며 청소하려는 청소 구역에 가장 적합한 원통형 또는 디스크 청소 헤드를 선택해서 뛰어난 청소 결과물을 낼 수 있습니다. 


Avidbots 커멘드 센터로 관리, 모니터링 및 수치를 확인하실 수 있습니다.

Neo는 구석구석 트래킹하고 Avidbots 커맨드 센터를 통해 청소 맵, 한 눈에 보는 청소 품질 등급, 심층적이고 세분화된 온디맨드 인사이트를 통해 객관적인 성능 보고서를 적시에 데스크탑, 휴대폰 또는 태블릿에 제공합니다. 

또한 로봇의 온라인 상태 및 위치는 물론 로봇 및 위치별 각 청소 계획의 현황을 확인할 수 있는 대시보드를 통해 Neo 또는 모든 Neo 제품군을 항상 확인할 수 있습니다. 


배포가 간편하고 작동이 간편합니다.

Neo는 간단하게 시작하고 실행시킬 수 있지만, Avidbots 고객 만족 팀의 지원 혜택도 받아 보실 수 있습니다. 고객 성공 팀은 Neo의 배포 및 교육을 감독하고 구성 및 운영을 통해 여러분의 팀을 안내할 뿐만 아니라 여러분의 시설에 맞는 청소 계획을 만듭니다. Neo의 사용하기 쉬운 터치스크린 컨트롤과 친숙한 스티어링 핸들 덕분에 사용자는 신속하게 문제에 대처할 수 있으며, Avidbots 전문가의 24/7/365 실시간 모니터링 및 원격 지원을 통해 항상 최상의 성능을 경험하실 수 있습니다.


언제 어디서나 연결 가능하고 발전합니다.

Wi-Fi, 3G 및 4G LTE 네트워크 지원을 통해 팀에서 실시간으로 모니터링하고 관리할 수 있으므로 Neo를 항상 파악할 수 있습니다. 청소 계획 또는 설정에 대한 레이아웃 변경 또는 위치별 조정을 빠르게 동기화할 수 있습니다. Avidbots Autonomy는 업데이트할 필요가 없고 클라우드를 통해 원활하게 업데이트됩니다. 


안전한 작동.

Avidbots Autonomy로 구동되는 Neo는 방해 물체나 사람을 피하고 실시간으로 장애물을 인식하고 피하는 기능으로 업계를 선도하고 있습니다. 비상 정지 버튼, 범퍼, 비콘 및 내장된 시그널링 라이트, 블루 라이트 및 음성 사운드 시스템 등 다양한 첨단 기술이 Neo에 내장되어 있고 Neo를 위한 더욱 안전한 환경을 제공합니다.


브랜드 및 고객 경험 향상.

“연결된 시설” 또는 “시설 자동화”가 업계의 큰 유행어이지만 종종 이러한 발전을 뒷받침하는 기술은 크게 주목 받지 못하는 경우가 있거나 당연한 것으로 여겨집니다. 대신 매일 바닥을 청소하는 로봇이 공공 장소에서 운영 팀과 나란히 작업을 하고 있다면? 이는 조직의 진보적인 전망과 미래 기술에 대한 약속을 보여주는 모바일 혁신 쇼케이스라고 할 수 있습니다. 전 세계의 고객이 Neo에 브랜드 그래픽을 입히거나 Neo를 모바일 광고에 사용하고 있습니다.

Kas has been specifically designed to work in commercial spaces in the following verticals:

  • Retail (Retail stores and shopping malls)
  • Transportation (Airports and Transit facilities)
  • Education (K to 12 and Postsecondary)
  • Health Care

Kas may also be suited for the following:

  • Large commercial spaces in the above verticals when multiple units are deployed
  • Medium sized ‘light duty’ industrial spaces (Manufacturing and Warehousing & Logistics)

Discover how Avidbots robots can boost productivity at your facility.

Avidbots robots are equipped with a large, full-color rear touch screen, which is used to control the robot, launch autonomous cleaning operations or configure manual settings.

With access secured by a four-digit passcode, managers can ensure that only authorized operators are able to view and adjust Kas’ operation.

A simple and intuitive user interface allows operators to clean easily in both autonomous and manual modes.

While Avidbots robots support fully-automated cleaning, we do recommend that local operators supervise robots as they clean. It is possible that a determined, malicious person with unrestricted access to the robot and specific tools could access and tamper with internal hardware (moving sensors, cutting wires and so on). This is the case with any device running in public spaces and is not unique to Avidbots products.

Product Features

Kas is designed to clean hard floors with a versatile array of cleaning settings and configurations. You can scrub floors for more than three hours between battery charges.

Kas dispenses a solution of clean water and detergent from one of two water tanks and scrubs floors using twin disc brushes or standard floor pads. All dispensed solution is filtered to ensure no dust or grit is passed through Kas' cleaning system to the floor.

Replaceable rubber squeegees positioned around the sides and rear of the robot retain dispensed, dirty water, with any excess fluid vacuumed up into the second 50L (13.2 gal) recovery tank for later disposal. The result? Clean, dry, streak-free floors.

Kas is powered by a rechargeable LFP battery (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery a 4.8kWh capacity.

Operating time varies by cleaning plan and settings but should always be in the 3+ hour range.

To maximize cleaning time, we recommend the purchase of a second battery, along with a dual battery cart. The battery sets can be recharged perpetually and their use in Kas alternated.

Kas is equipped with two generously-sized water tanks, ensuring maximum cleaning time between fill and/or empty.

Kas’ solution tank provides 48 L / 12.7 gal capacity while its recovery (dirty water) tank provides 50 L / 13.2 gal capacity.

Yes, Kas’ twin water tanks are equipped with sensors that will alert you when it’s time to fill the solution tank or drain the recovery tank. Notifications on Kas’’s touchscreen provide clear and simple instructions for operators, while individual water hoses make filling-up and draining easy.

The Kas fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot is designed to clean the following commercial floor surfaces:

  • Non-Slip Tiles
  • Concrete (polished, unpolished, tiles)
  • Epoxy
  • Granite
  • Limestone (honed)
  • Linoleum & Marmoleum
  • Marble
  • Resilient
  • Terra Cotta
  • Terrazzo
  • Travertine
  • Vinyl & Vinyl Composite Tile

Kas is a fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot that uses brushes, water and detergent to clean hard floors, such as concrete, tile, terrazzo and other hard surfaces. Kas should not be used in carpeted areas.

Kas is designed to clean indoor commercial environments and should not be operated outdoors.

Kas can accommodate the same industry-standard floor cleaning detergents that are commonly used with manual scrubbers. You should only use non-foaming or low-foaming detergents when cleaning with Kas.

Parts, accessories and consumables are available for purchase directly from us, via your Avidbots contact.

Customers purchasing Kas from one of our global distribution partners should contact their partner for details of available parts, accessories and consumables.

We recommend using Avidbots provided consumables whenever possible, rather than 3rd party parts in order to ensure optimal performance.

Consumables are defined as any part that wears down over a period of time due to regular use that can be replaced by the operator. On Kas this includes floor pads, pad drivers, squeegee blades, batteries and detergent.

Yes. Kas' advanced safety system will automatically pause operation in certain scenarios and await manual investigation and permission to resume from an operator. Scenarios include:

  • An obstacle being introduced dangerously close to Kas in its safety zone.
  • An alert from Kas’s internal safety monitor process.
  • Detection of a cliff or ledge