Let our robots do your cleaning!

Avidbots is developing the next generation smart cleaning robots for the commercial cleaning market. No matter the size of the job, our smart cleaning team will take care of the cleaning job while saving you money and time.

How do they work?

Laser scanner to build maps

Laser Mapping

Our robots use the latest laser mapping technology to construct accurate maps before cleaning

Robots use path planning to figure out best path for cleaning

Superior Path Planning

Never miss a spot. Avidbots robots use their accurate maps of the building to plan the most optimal path never missing a spot.

Robots clean close to edges and corners

Corners and edges

Avidbots robots employ their maps to ensure all the edges and corners are covered; cleaning every corner, every time

Robots communicate with each other

Swarm Mode

Avidbots robots communicate with each other in a swarm mode. The robots collaborate in building maps and inform each other of the areas that have already been cleaned

Robots come with tablet based application

User Interface

Using our robots requires almost no training - with our simple tablet-based application, controlling the robot remotely cannot be easier.

Flexible pricing models

Rent a robot (Robotics as a Service - RaaS)

Not sure if robots are for you? You can rent our robots and pay hourly rates for robotic cleaning.

Watch our prototypes in action

Featured in


IEEE Spectrum

Discovery News

Tech Crunch

Can our robots help?

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