June 21, 2022

Refreshing the retail experience

Updating in-store shopping experiences to meet present-day expectations

Consumer shopping habits have changed significantly over the past two years. While the pandemic accelerated the digital transformation for many businesses, in-store shopping is still a consumer staple.

This isn’t lost on consumers. Despite the explosion in online shopping, the in-store experience is still the favorite. According to a recent survey, 85% of consumers will increase their in-store shopping in 2022, a further increase over the previous year.

The same trend is happening in reverse as e-commerce giants open physical locations.

But getting shoppers in the door is the first step — making them comfortable, engaging them and keeping them in the store by providing an excellent shopping experience is an entirely different challenge.

With health and safety top of mind for shoppers and store managers alike, stores now have a golden opportunity: modernize their facilities with cleanliness-focused upgrades that’ll help retain customers and streamline their operations — all the while mitigating the effects of labor shortages.

How? A part of the solution is through cleaning automation.

Meet Neo, the fully autonomous floor-cleaning robot.

Providing a flexible clean for flexible environments

Retail stores are adaptable environments with floor layouts changing constantly; seasonal demands, in-store promotions, holiday sales — retailers regularly recreate their spaces to accommodate the season and consumer shopping trends.

Cleaning these dynamic areas can be challenging for custodial crews when shoppers are present, and especially when labor shortages hinder operations.

When considering an autonomous solution like a robot to help your custodial team, it’s important that the solution is able to handle these dynamic environments and changes with ease.

That’s where Neo, the autonomous floor scrubbing robot, delivers each and every time. Powered by Avidbots Autonomy, Neo flawlessly navigates dynamic retail environments, moving around customers, kiosks, racks and other objects it encounters while it cleans.

Neo’s intelligent AI, combined with state-of-the-art onboard technology, delivers a reliable and consistent clean, every time you press ‘go’. With the ability to have as many cleaning plans as needed for your store (based on different layouts, traffic patterns, seasons, etc.), Neo delivers a dependable and consistent clean throughout the year, regardless of obstacles, layout changes or time of day.


Neo autonomously cleaning at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto, ON. 

No more babysitting: Why Neo is not your average floor cleaner

Cleaning commercial retail spaces means navigating a dynamic environment. For ride-on or walk-behind manual floor scrubbers, steering around and through aisles and objects is a time-consuming task that no longer needs to happen.

Semi–autonomous alternatives to Neo are intrinsically hamstrung, only as effective as the route they were taught. In both cases, tired and overworked staff are left overseeing the floor cleaning operation, taking them away from higher-value activities.

Avidbots’ autonomous cleaning solution doesn’t have that problem. Neo is an actively intelligent problem-solving robot that can traverse aisles, turn corners and move through tight spaces, nimbly redirecting its movements when needed whether cleaning during the day with shoppers in-store or at night when the store is closed.

Highlighting brand values: How Neo helps improve retailers’ reputations

Hand sanitizer stations, plexiglass barriers, social distancing markers — retailers now take cleanliness more seriously than ever before. Stores want shoppers to feel comfortable; therefore, publicly promoting a commitment to clean is crucial.
Neo helps improve retailers’ reputations by visibly delivering enhanced levels of cleanliness. When shoppers see Neo cleaning malls, big-box stores, grocery stores and other high-traffic shopping environments, they know they’re in a clean and healthy retail location. In an age where smartphones and social media make everyone a reviewer, public perception is reality, helping push higher consumer traffic and return business.

Raising cleaning standards at understaffed stores

Neo expands retailers’ floor-cleaning efforts. Considering the average grocery store or superstore is up to 150,000 square feet, that’s a huge area to cover for an already labor-starved business. Cleaning up to 42,000 square feet per hour, Neo raises cleaning standards. Unlike understaffed janitorial teams, you can depend on Neo to always show up, delivering both consistent availability and a documented clean.

Tracking performance to improve performance: Neo’s added value

Retail locations are large, intricate spaces. Sign-up sheets that track cleaning activity and performance are insufficient; inevitably, humans miss areas or are too tired or overworked to clean them thoroughly. Neo doesn’t have that problem.

Avidbots Command Center, Neo’s insightful, web-based app, helps you monitor, manage and measure your Neo’s cleaning performance remotely and in real-time, so you can analyze, optimize and improve in-store cleanliness.


"Our experience over 4 years is that using Avidbots Neo makes us more productive, more cost-effective and makes our work easier." - Wayne Crewes, General Manager Integrated Services, Millennium


To discover how Neo can increase your store’s guest experience, boost cleaning productivity and reduce operating costs, please contact us to learn more.