April 23, 2022

The future of the smart building

Why the key to greater efficiency and profitability in facility management starts from the ground up.

The future of Facility Management is underpinned by the development of the smart building. Connected, autonomous devices like commercial floor cleaning robots, intelligent temperature controls, lighting and security systems work in harmony to boost operational performance and reduce manual workload. In the Smart Building, Facility Managers know about operational issues sooner, make decisions faster, and act more insightfully. Automation helps businesses simply work smarter.

Facility Managers are increasingly challenged with the business goal of doing more with less. To achieve this, leaders must extract the highest value from the people and technology available. The Smart Building is key to accomplishing these goals.

Avidbots hosted an industry panel at ISSA 2018 to discuss some of the global trends influencing facility management today. There are a number of drivers to automation at the forefront of smart building development. They include:

  • Labor: Rising minimum wages, a shortage of people willing to take on frontline operations roles, a fluctuation in labor demand, labor availability due to sickness and other absences, and the imminent retirement of many baby boomers.
  • Return on Investment: There is more accountability than ever before for businesses to remain attentive to spending and to demonstrate quick returns on investments.
  • Growth: As businesses grow and acquire new properties, the need to scale rapidly and efficiently is critical.
  • Consistency: Offering reliable and repeatable service quality is a significant competitive advantage, enhancing the trust and reputation of the business.
  • Management KPIs: As the use of technology increases, facility managers are empowered to do less manual supervision and increase their strategic planning.

This guide discusses the benefit of automation in the future of Facility Management, and how it can improve productivity, lower costs, and expand human potential.

A must-read for facility managers and operators seeking productivity gains through smart building transformation or facility automation.


  1. Create Greater Efficiency and Productivity in the Facility
  2. Establish a Connected Facility Ecosystem
  3. Expanding Human Potential
  4. Leverage New Data-Driven Insight
  5. Build a Smart Business with Smart Facility Management

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