April 24, 2022

Education and the new normal

School districts everywhere are now contending with an uncertain learning environment. Even though classes have resumed, it’s far from school as usual, and regardless of how many or how few people are in the building, the school must be as clean as possible. Because schools are complex multi-functional settings, custodial managers must account for the disinfection of classrooms, common areas, washrooms, science labs and offices. That’s why forward-thinking educational facility managers are entrusting an autonomous commercial cleaning robot to address these pressures—and are seeing the improved operational performance and the health and safety of staff and students as a result.

A solution like Neo that cleans more effectively, efficiently and gives my custodial team more time to focus on areas that students are touching frequently, is going to make a world of difference as we enter this new world of education.

Craig Henry, Southern Region School District Superintendent

In this eBook, you’ll discover the challenges school administrators and facility managers face and why innovative educational institutions are turning to autonomous cleaning solutions to enact operational efficiencies and improve student and faculty safety.

  • Maintaining high standards for cleanliness, especially in the wake of global health events.
  • Providing an inviting learning environment for students.
  • Heavy traffic areas requiring frequent cleaning, often multiple times per day.
  • Keeping floors consistently sanitized and dry to minimize slip hazards for students, teachers, staff and visitors.
  • Keeping operational costs low despite rising labor costs, overhead and custodial staff turnover.
  • Ensuring all areas are cleaned regularly and that cleaning is tracked, documented and reported on.

This eBook is a must-read for anyone considering deploying automated floor cleaning robots at their educational facilities.


  1. Education and the New Normal
  2. United States Federal Government Funding: HEROES & CARES Acts
  3. Safety First
  4. The Value of Autonomous Floor Scrubbers
  5. Deploying an Autonomous Floor Scrubber at a School
  6. What’s Next for Schools

Download the eBook now to read about deploying automated floor cleaning robots in educational facilities.

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