December 23, 2022

Top Avidbots blogs of 2022

As 2022 comes to a close, we look back on our top blogs from this past year to see what captured reader's attention. Did your favorite make it?

1.  3 benefits of Neo’s Disinfection Add-On


Avidbots explores 3 of the biggest and most impactful benefits of using Neo's Disinfection Add-On to disinfect 3D surfaces in your facility.

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2.  How commercial cleaning robots complement in-person shopping attitudes

New study shows consumers’ eagerness for in-store shopping experiences. Autonomous floor scrubbing robots like Neo help stores meet their goals. Learn how.

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3.  Labor shortage bottleneck: Easing pressure through automation

Companies can’t hire fast enough. Labor shortages are forcing companies to seek solutions, including automation. The good news: Neo, the autonomous cleaning robot can help!

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