March 22, 2023

The world’s best and cleanest airports rely on Neo: Here’s why

Creating seamless, comfortable and worry-free travel experiences are crucial elements as travelers take to the skies once again. From dining and entertainment options to hotel accommodation, parking and more, airports want their guests’ layovers to be as smooth and relaxing as possible.

But underpinning all the glamor and amenities on offer is one critical aspect: cleanliness. Post-pandemic it’s a foundational element. Unless floors and surfaces look and feel clean, people won’t feel safe, damaging your airport’s reputation and chances of repeat business.

Indeed, a clean airport is a thriving airport, a fact hammered home yet again as aviation ratings firm Skytrax released their annual rankings for the World Airport Awards.

Evaluating over 550 airports globally, Skytrax surveyed travelers across the globe on topics ranging from Wi-Fi service and website accessibility to terminal security, comfort and more.

Like previous years, Avidbots is once again proving a game changer for airports looking to become leading destinations. 

In fact, six of the world’s top 10 best airports and six of the world’s cleanest airports share a unique trait: Neo, the fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot!

They all rely on Neo to deliver enhanced, consistent and measurable floor care and surface disinfection. Coincidence?

Avidbots Autonomy: Why Neo excels in airports

Avidbots’ fully autonomous solution cleans and navigates busy airports with ease. How? Avidbots Autonomy.

Neo’s artificial intelligence (AI) software and 360-degree sensor suite deliver a superior, intervention-free clean. Staff and guests can continue as normal while Neo scrubs the floors, avoiding people and objects in real time.

Your facility operates continuously, so it’s only right that Neo does as well. Interchangeable, industrial-strength batteries allow 24/7/365 operation, helping maintain a clean and inviting space at all hours of the day. 

Cleaning up to 42,000 square feet per hour, Neo is a cost-effective way to ensure your airport’s floors are clean — and stay that way.

Removing the hassle — and guesswork — from surface disinfection

The Disinfection Add-On expands Neo’s capabilities — and your team’s as well.

Instead of handheld dispensers and spray cans, the Disinfection Add-On delivers accurate and uniform 3-D coverage thanks to its electrostatic sprayer technology. And with Avidbots Command Center keeping track, you know exactly which objects and surfaces were disinfected and when.

With Neo autonomously managing facility cleanliness, your team can concentrate on customer-focused activities instead, one of four ways Neo helps reallocate labor to elevate the guest experience and boost your airport’s reputation.

Get your cleaning operations off to a flying start with Neo

If you want to raise and maintain cleanliness standards with a budget-friendly and easy-to-use solution, contact us to learn how Neo can help your airport operations reach new heights

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