April 28, 2020

Safely reopening your business & the role of autonomous cleaning robots

The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across the globe with over 200 countries currently dealing with the virus, more than 2.5 million confirmed cases and 175,000 deaths (World Health Organization).

This virus is affecting all aspects of life — where we work, how we interact with each other, and what we can do in our free time — and business communities around the globe are having to respond. COVID-19 is causing a paradigm shift from the life we knew to what life will become: the “new normal.”

As we enter our “new normal,” the job of cleaning has been brought to the forefront of people’s minds, realizing that while it's a seemingly thankless job, it’s also essential and dangerous. Just look at the proposed bill by the US Senate Democrats which provides essential workers, including janitors, up to $25,000 in hazard pay.

Slowly, over the coming weeks and months, the restrictions will be lifted. Through a phased approach, similar to what we’re seeing in Saskatchewan, businesses like yours will begin to reopen. As this happens, it’s important to understand the role of cleaning in your business operation.

Ongoing commercial cleaning challenges

Most organizations maintain a regular cleaning schedule executed by front-line cleaning staff. However, the pandemic is posing numerous cleaning challenges, including:

  • Ensuring the health and safety of employees (in particular, front-line cleaning staff), customers and partners.
  • Ongoing staffing shortages leave gaps in performing these essential duties.
  • Rising cost of labor as the importance and dangers of cleaning/janitorial jobs come to light.

To assist commercial cleaners on the front lines — especially when personal protective equipment is limited — Neo, the only truly autonomous floor scrubbing robot, allows staff to focus on other surfaces and areas while cleaning and sanitizing the floors. Neo provides a regular, consistent and industry-leading measurable clean that can be tracked via Avidbots Command Center.

Living in a world with COVID-19

Slowly — already beginning in some places — the self-isolating barriers will be lifted and degrees of normalcy will return. With it, organizations will need to adapt to new demands from their employees and customers, including increased and consistent cleaning and disinfecting.

In this “new normal,” businesses will be responsible for keeping people safe — from both visible and biological hazards like viruses. Beyond PPE and physical distancing, regularly and consistently sanitizing surfaces and floors are imperative to keep people, employees and customers safe.

This will present businesses with new challenges, including:

  • Increased labor costs and staffing challenges as more regular and frequent cleaning is required to meet the new demand.
  • New health and safety perceptions and regulations.
  • Renewed focus on operational standards and guest experience.

Embracing robotic cleaners like Avidbots Neo will allow businesses to:

  • Minimize labor costs as additional cleaning is required and reduce exposure to employee turnover.
  • Meet the high standards of cleanliness & disinfection that will be expected by employees and customers.
  • Provide cleaning productivity and efficiency metrics that allow you to optimize your cleaning operation.

Moving your business forward

As businesses like airports, warehouses and hospitals continue to operate in this pandemic — and others (such as retail and automotive manufacturing), reopen to the “new normal” — keeping cleaning top of mind will be imperative to meet the increased expectations of customers and employees alike.

The old way of cleaning with a mop and bucket will no longer suffice; your cleaning team will need to spend their time focusing on high-touch surfaces, including 3-D surfaces like benches, doorknobs, water faucets, and more. This is where Neo, the autonomous floor scrubbing robot, can help. Look to Avidbots Neo to augment your team, providing your staff and customers with a safe, clean and attractive environment.

To discuss your business’s reopening plans while keeping your customers and employees safe, please contact us at Avidbots. We look forward to working together to find the best solution.

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