June 7, 2022

Labor shortage bottleneck: Easing pressure through automation

Raw materials scarcity, on-demand e-commerce, fuel costs — the factors impacting supply chains at all levels are seemingly never-ending. Although COVID-19 ignited the ongoing crisis, its persistence is a source of frustration to managers across industries.

One factor everyone unanimously agrees on, though, is labor. Companies can’t fill positions fast enough, and warehousing is one sector getting hit particularly hard.

According to a recent global survey of warehouse decision-makers, labor recruitment and efficiency are top challenges. For companies to keep pace with demand, they need a steady, consistent supply of workers at their warehouse. This is where problems arise.

Warehouse workers fulfill multiple duties in highly dynamic, always-on environments; therefore, sickness and work-related injuries are common. Meanwhile, the Great Resignation has cooled interest in warehousing jobs.

While increasing wages might help attract new workers, it won’t help retain them. Companies see up to half of their new hires leave within the first 90 days on the job. Warehouse facility managers need to adapt.

One area garnering intense interest is cleaning. A job that was previously not top of mind is now a high priority for facilities managers — but not for job seekers.

Thankfully, cleaning automation can unlock new efficiencies, increase productivity and allow warehouses to navigate the current labor market. Avidbots can help.

Bridging the labor gap: Neo helps ease worker shortages

Neo, the fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot, alleviates the strain on understaffed warehouse workers and overstretched facilities managers. With state-of-the-art hardware and software, Neo raises cleaning standards to new levels by automating warehouse cleaning operations.

Delivering meticulous, always on-time performance, Neo increases warehouse efficiency and productivity by:

Upgrading warehouse cleaning performance

Warehouses are extremely busy environments. As a result, frequent cleaning is a necessity, but this is difficult when workers are juggling multiple duties within ever-changing warehousing environments.

Avidbots’ autonomous floor-cleaning robot ensures warehouses maintain elevated levels of cleanliness. Once a facility is mapped, Neo doesn’t miss a spot. Avidbots Autonomy intelligently powers Neo through busy warehouse operations, dynamically responding to changes and obstacles. Along with a suite of advanced sensors and 360 degrees of visibility, Neo rarely gets stuck, lost or disrupts high-traffic warehouse operations. When situations do arise, Avidbots’ Remote Assistance can help. Delivered through Avidbots Command Center, Avidbots experts remotely intervene and get Neo cleaning again — without any on-site intervention — delivering an enhanced, fully autonomous clean.

Reducing cleaning requirements on workers

With Neo taking care of the floors, operations managers can assign warehouse workers to customer-focused, revenue-generating tasks instead. Running up to six hours on a single charge, Neo’s cleaning performance is consistent and steady, regardless of the workload. And with interchangeable batteries, Neo can deliver an around-the-clock solution to cleaning, mitigating the labor crunch on warehouses while multiplying floor care efforts.

Producing a safer workplace for warehouse workers

Warehouses are inherently dangerous environments. Large objects, equipment and people are always on the move. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, warehousing ranks third for incidence rates of workplace illnesses and injuries across 19 industries.

Neo doesn’t get sick or injured, so already busy warehouse workers aren’t left picking up the slack and potentially hurting themselves in the process. Neo delivers a reliable, exacting and measurable clean every time, helping ensure floors remain clear of potential dangers and further reducing warehouse injuries.

Don’t let labor shortages impact your operations

To learn how Neo can boost warehouse productivity, lighten the workload on warehouse staff and temper the effects of labor shortages, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us and discover your path to improved warehouse operations today.

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