June 6, 2019

Improving object detection for the Neo robotic commercial floor scrubber

Industrial robot sensors are key to the performance of a robotic commercial floor scrubber. Case in point: Neo’s sophisticated sensor array allows the robot to detect and autonomously navigate around obstacles in its path.  

But low objects, such as pallets on a warehouse floor, pose an issue for the safety and effectiveness of the robot, challenging even the best sensors. Previously, Avidbots’ Neo robotic floor scrubber was able to detect objects 39 centimeters (15.4 inches) or greater in height, at a distance of 2 meters (6.6 feet). That’s good, but our engineers have been working hard to enhance Neo’s vision, especially when it comes to detecting low objects. 

Thanks to these efforts, Neo’s sensors are now able to detect objects as low as 16 centimeters (6.3 inches) from the floor. Software update 2.5, which is automatically downloaded to the Neo robotic floor scrubber, includes this improved object detection capability for newer models. 

Low objects that can interfere with a robotic floor scrubber are more prevalent than most people realize and are easily overlooked. Warehouse pallets, flat-bed trolleys and maintenance equipment, such as tools, toolboxes and ladders, are often lower than 39 centimeters and are difficult to detect. Advanced industrial robot sensors and advanced detection algorithms from our engineering team have reduced Neo’s minimum object detection height to just 16 centimeters.  

One of the things that makes the Neo robotic floor scrubber efficient, effective and safe is its ability to detect obstacles and dynamically update its route to maximize cleaning time and performance. Now, all three features are enhanced, with fewer stops, improved cleaning productivity and increased safety — both for the robot and for objects in the cleaning zone.  

Together with integrated mapping features, adjustable cleaning settings and floor plans that can be synced to the robot in seconds, improved object detection is an example of how the Neo robotic floor scrubber continues to get smarter and deliver greater value.

To learn how the Neo robotic floor scrubber can improve the productivity and effectiveness of your cleaning team, get in touch, and we’ll be happy to show you how Neo can benefit your facility. 

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