November 24, 2022

How commercial cleaning robots complement in-person shopping attitudes

Despite e-commerce’s rise over the years, its explosion during the pandemic surprised many. Overnight, lockdowns eliminated consumer options, resulting in unprecedented growth in online shopping. Suddenly, buying online was no longer about convenience but safety.

What was a lifeline during lockdowns is now habitual buying behavior. Why spend your time traveling to a store when the store will bring it to you?

Now that businesses are open again, retailers and shopping centers are hoping that attitudes have changed. But with inflation driving up the costs of everything from clothing to gasoline, are people willing to window shop anymore? And more importantly, what do retailers need to do to entice shoppers back?

These are a few questions Mood Media sought to answer in a recent study of 12,261 consumers. Respondents from seven countries, including the U.S, U.K. and China, answered a variety of questions around what motivates them to shop in person over online.

Physical shopping is making a comeback

Customers are returning to stores and malls, with 71% shopping in-person as often or more than before the pandemic. The study shows that 45% report the instant gratification of receiving purchases immediately as the number one reason they visit a physical location over purchasing online.

Source: Mood Media

Getting people through the doors is only the first step. Businesses must now deliver on multiple fronts if they want customers to return.

Factors such as a good floor layout, uncluttered environment, swift checkout and a pleasant smell all help produce a positive experience. Deliver in those areas and 84% said they would return to the same location.

Customer service is key

There’s a famous saying among chefs: We eat with our eyes first. In other words, presentation is crucial.

However, no number of garnishes will distract from an unappetizing meal. So, while an organized layout, orderly aisles and a nice scent add to the retail experience, friendly and knowledgeable staff are what make it memorable; it’s a foundational element for retail success.

Source: Mood Media

Over half (54%) of respondents cited helpful and available staff as the number one factor in generating a positive in-store experience.

If your staff spends an inordinate amount of time cleaning, it will take away from this critical element of the retail experience.

Prepare your store or mall for success with cleaning automation

With the holiday shopping season around the corner, retailers will see increased foot traffic over the next few months. But with stores suffering from labor shortages, how do you keep everything clean while also meeting your customers’ needs?

This is where Neo, the fully autonomous floor scrubbing robot, can be a game changer.

Not only does Neo enhance and simplify floor care and surface disinfection in your store, but it gives you the flexibility to thrive.

When you assign repetitive floor care to Neo, you free up your team to enhance other areas of your business. From speedy checkouts to improved customer service, reallocating your employees allows you to boost your overall service delivery in new and exciting ways.


Video: Neo autonomously cleaning a shopping mall, seamlessly navigating obstacles and delivering a measurable and effective clean for retail customers.

Cleaning automation is a key step to meeting customers’ in-store shopping needs

If you’re looking to improve your in-store experience while providing key return-to-retail factors for shoppers, we can help. 

Let us show you how an efficient, measurable and intelligent cleaning solution creates a cleaner store, opening new possibilities for your business. Contact us today to learn more.

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