July 6, 2022

Cleaning report card: Neo is helping schools ace their cleaning exams

If you’re a school administrator or custodial team member, summer isn’t time for a vacation.

The end of the academic year means less students moving through classrooms and hallways, but schools are always planning ahead. From balancing your budgets to serving as a community hub over the summer, you have plenty to consider. 

School administrators and custodial staff cope with multiple responsibilities alongside financial shortfalls and difficulties hiring and retaining custodial labor. From coast to coast, education budgets are shrinking. Yet, schools must maintain elevated cleanliness standards throughout the year.

How do schools keep up with smaller custodial teams, less money and expanded cleaning responsibilities? Can your cleaning staff achieve a more thorough clean while also expanding floor care and surface disinfection efforts? 

Neo, the fully autonomous floor cleaning robot, is part of the answer, delivering a measurable, dependable clean and disinfection every time.

Measurable performance: Neo helps schools make ends meet year-round 

Just because classes are out for the summer doesn’t mean your custodial staff has any less work. The summer months often create time for deep cleaning, ensuring the school remains clean for extracurricular activities and planning for the year ahead. 

One main challenge during the school year that remains through the summer break is monitoring cleaning tasks.

With manual cleaning equipment, this is often difficult to track and manage. On the other hand, autonomous floor cleaning robots like Neo deliver a measurable, dependable clean every time they’re deployed. 

With Avidbots Command Center, Neo’s web-based portal for monitoring, managing and measuring facility cleanliness, you and your team can leverage insightful, user-friendly cleaning analytics to improve floor care effectiveness across your school. 

At a glance, the cleaning reports let you quickly and easily determine your school's cleanliness status. For example, are the hallways and entranceways clean? How about the gymnasium? Avidbots' solution gives you this information and more, letting you closely track your cleaning operations.

Moreover, instead of dealing with cleaning needs as they arise, your cleaning staff can identify trends, allowing them to schedule floor care at the times and locations that deliver the best, most consistent results — increasing overall productivity in a way that was difficult before with manual equipment. 

A dependable clean: Neo can navigate the dynamic school environment

At any time of the year, regardless of whether classes are in session or not, schools are dynamic, ever-changing environments. From people walking around to decorations and equipment on the move. When considering cleaning automation that will help your team while saving money in the long run, it’s imperative that these solutions can work in these dynamic environments with ease. 

Neo is one of the few that can operate within these spaces, and it’s because of Avidbots Autonomy. Our artificial intelligence software intelligently guides Neo through the school every time your team presses ‘go’.

Someone or something steps in the way while Neo’s cleaning? Not a problem. In real time Neo will either stop and wait until the path is clear or move around them if there’s room. As a result, the need for onsite babysitting is removed — your team can rest assured that when Neo is set in motion, it’ll clean for the full 6 hours on a single charge. This reliable clean is the cornerstone of Neo and Avidbots Autonomy.



Todd Duquette from the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District introduces Neo to their students, staff and parents.

Credit: Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District

Expanding surface disinfection efforts

Now, more than ever, cleaning high-touch surfaces is critical, but maintaining consistent surface disinfection protocols alongside floor care duties can be a challenge with the ongoing labor problems.

As a multi-application robot, Neo can tackle both floor care and surface disinfection without the need to invest in multiple robots or additional staff. 

The Disinfection Add-On handles high-touch surface disinfection with ease and precision.



Additionally, similar to the cleaning reports, Avidbots Command Center provides disinfection reports every time Neo cleans. 

With Neo performing surface disinfection and floor scrubbing duties, your team can extend their reach and ensure the school maintains elevated levels of cleanliness, even while handling budget and labor challenges. 

Discover the path to a cleaner and safer school


"Neo is always here. Neo never calls in sick. You push a button and Neo cleans. Now, it’s just like a student wandering the hallways."

Jason Hruby, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor, Thief River Falls School District

Discover how Neo can augment your custodial teams, reinforce school cleanliness protocols and meet updated cleaning demands while staying on budget. Contact us today.

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