August 9, 2021

Why cleaning analytics matter

How do you know if you missed a spot?

You have thousands of square feet of space to clean. Maybe even tens of thousands, or maybe over a million square feet to clean. How do you know if you're missing spots? 

At Avidbots, just like many other organizations, we use analytics and data every day to measure and optimize a variety of tasks and processes. Why should cleaning be any different?

Regular and consistent facilities cleaning is important for a number of reasons, including preventing the spread of COVID-19, and the general health of your employees, customers and visitors. Missing an area that should be cleaned not only increases the amount of dust, dirt and debris collecting, it also presents potential health and safety concerns. That is where cleaning analytics and reporting come in.

Neo and the Avidbots Command Center (ACC) help to eliminate this problem. Neo’s goal is to maximize cleaning productivity while minimizing human intervention. Additionally, Avidbots Command Center provides visibility into what exactly was cleaned and how well it was cleaned.

It starts with a plan

While manual floor scrubbers (ride-on or push-behind) are subject to the whims and direction of the human operating them, Neo always begins with a plan. That plan includes mapping the cleanable areas of your facility and developing efficient and thorough custom cleaning plans for specific areas of your facility.

Neo’s ready to clean

Now that we have created the cleaning plans, it’s time for Neo to execute. Once you press “go”, Neo “goes” fully autonomous, cleaning your facility and determining the best route to clean the space each time.

While it’s cleaning, the ACC web-based software is monitoring and measuring each move. ACC provides real-time productivity metrics that you can view 24/7/365 from anywhere in the world. You’re able to tell exactly where Neo is at any given moment, what areas it's already cleaned and what areas are still pending.

Answering the big question

Now that we’ve established how ACC monitors, measures and reports on Neo’s cleaning, it’s easy to see which areas have been cleaned and which have not. Looking at the Cleaning Report, you can quickly identify if Neo has missed a spot.

If an area was missed, you can dig in and find out exactly why. For example, maybe a pallet was in the way. When Neo cleans that area again, you can ensure the area is clear so that it can clean that space.

Deeper insights

As mentioned, ACC reporting can identify areas that have and haven't been cleaned, but beyond that binary equation, deeper analytical data can identify important barriers and opportunities.

ACC reporting points out potential physical impediments to Neo carrying out its plan, such as a blockage preventing it from physically reaching a certain area. Once identified, adjustments in scheduling or moving physical barriers can open access to those areas for cleaning. Additionally, ACC can provide deeper insights on water usage, service interruptions, usage to target metrics and more. All of these are designed to help you get more efficiency and value out of Neo.

Why it matters

Some people will say "Why does having the ability to track and report make any difference to how clean the floors are?” 

The simple answer is “because it DOES make a difference to how clean the floors are!” Neo, with the Avidbots Command Center, is designed to clean more thoroughly and effectively using data-driven decision-making to create operational efficiencies, maximizing your return on investment. 

In other words, Neo works smartly and efficiently to keep your facility clean, letting your team concentrate on what they do best: focusing on your core business!


If you’re interested in discussing how the Avidbots Command Center and Neo can make a provable and positive impact on your facility cleaning, please contact us.

*Note: Always follow the cleaning and sanitizing guidelines set out by your local government, including the use and application of cleaning solutions.

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