June 6, 2020

What it’s like to deploy an autonomous floor scrubbing robot

With the adoption of any new technology, there's often a learning curve as the person or team tries it out, typically becoming more comfortable after some trial and error over a period of time.

At Avidbots, we realize that this new technology learning curve exists, which is why we have Avidbots Customer Success. When you purchase Neo, the most sophisticated autonomous floor scrubbing robot on the market, the Avidbots Customer Success team engages, overseeing all aspects of deployment in your facility. This program means getting your autonomous floor scrubber (and a key member of your team) operational as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Through countless deployments across a variety of facilities, Avidbots Customer Success delivers a level of support previously unseen in the industry. No matter the facility we are deploying in, the steps of deployment remain the same, typically taking place over two days:

2-day Avidbots Customer Success Program

 We connect with your onsite managers to gauge robot expectations and goals. Additionally, we gather details of the facility and team which include:

  • Determine who will be the Supervisor or Manager responsible for the robot

  • Devise a training schedule for the robot and Avidbots Command Center training sessions

  • WiFi and/or SIM preference for connectivity

  • Site Layouts (CAD files) and preferred cleaning plan layout

  • Security and PPE requirements (for on-site deployments)

SETUP: Once delivered but prior to training, our team ensures the robot is ready for action. This means the robot is uncrated, batteries are installed and there’s an active internet connection.

MAP/Cleaning Plan Generation: For on-site deployment options, our Technician will need to map some areas of the facility — this is often where CAD files may have missing data. The mapping stage is also a time our Technicians can train on-site managers not only on how to map, but how the robot uses the map to navigate. For remote-deployment options, our CPG Team (Cleaning Plan Generation Team) will take your building’s CAD file and create Cleaning Plans which will be ready for testing when your robot arrives.

TRAIN: One of the most important steps includes our Train the Trainer approach with your Managers and Supervisors. By “Training the Trainer”, it ensures the knowledge is retained within your organization regardless of staff changes. The training session is quick and non-disruptive, taking place over two days with only a few hours required each day, letting your team get back to their work as quickly as possible.

These educational sessions include:

  • Driving your Neo, cleaning (manual and auto-mode cleaning) and robot maintenance

  • Robot behavior, expectations, and requirements for autonomous cleaning

  • Avidbots Command Center training so your team can monitor your robot (or robot fleet) performance
  • Contacting Avidbots, Q & A session and additional resources provided

TEST: Armed with Cleaning Plans, Neo is ready to clean autonomously. Whether you choose an on-site deployment or remote deployment, we want your robot to succeed. CAD files often differ from actual layouts, so we gather additional laser data and make adjustments to your cleaning plans. Similarly, after mapping a facility, we want to make sure that your Neo is going to clean efficiently, effectively and most importantly, safely!

COMPLETE: After training and testing, the Deployment is almost complete. As previously mentioned, we understand there’s a learning curve when it comes to technology and process changes. Within each organization (and team), the learning curve and time for employees to get comfortable and proficient will vary. At Avidbots, we have the experience to make the deployment a success across all types of organizations and teams. As an added support, our Customer Success team will continue to work with your team with 30-60-90 day check-ins. This ensures your Neo becomes a welcome and efficient part of the team. If any challenges arise, we are quick to work with you towards a solution — it’s just as important to us, as it is to you, that your autonomous floor scrubbing deployment is a success.

Following deployments, our Customer Success team sends out what we refer to as a “Next Steps…” email. This email includes information to keep in mind about your facility and your robot, containing the ingredients for your recipe for Robot Success.

Additionally, because Neo is internet-connected, our Customer Success team monitors your Neo, working with you to continuously improve efficiency based on changing environments, construction, temporary obstructions, weather and vehicle/foot traffic patterns.

As you’re thinking about implementing an autonomous cleaning robot, it’s extremely important that you partner with a company that has the experience and support systems in place to make the project successful.

At Avidbots, we are a 100% robotics company that owns the solution end-to-end — from the cleaning head and hardware to all parts that make Neo an autonomous robot. As a result, Neo is an integrated autonomous floor scrubbing robot made from the ground up, delivering the best autonomous floor cleaning in the market.

If you have any questions about deploying an autonomous robot floor scrubber or would like to discuss Neo, please reach out!

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