October 28, 2021

What do the world’s top airports have in common?

You need to consider many factors when evaluating a good airport experience. It often starts with transportation and arriving at the airport, including parking. From there, other factors include the check-in experience, dining options and even entertainment. 

With all these factors in mind, there's one that has come into sharp focus during the global COVID-19 pandemic: cleanliness. It's one of the most important aspects separating one airport from the next.

Each year Skytrax conducts extensive passenger surveys of travelers for over 500 airports from all countries around the globe. The survey covers a wide range of factors, including “Terminal cleanliness, floors, seating and public areas” as part its evaluation.

Can you guess what 7 of the top 10 world's best airports have in common?

What about 7 of the top 10 cleanest airports in the world, including the top 3?

It's Neo!

Neo cleaning Changi Airport in Singapore

The 2nd cleanest airport in the world!

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World’s Top 100 Airports 2021

World’s Cleanest Airports 2021

While Neo is cleaning, handling the dynamic terminal environment with ease, the airport's brand perception increases as passengers, employees and visitors know that the airport takes their health and safety seriously!

A clean facility puts the traveler’s mind at ease. Much like a restaurant that may have great food, terrific waitstaff and convenient parking, the experience is ruined if it’s dirty. An airport that looks, feels and smells clean helps to ensure all have a positive experience.

Avidbots is proud that Neo is playing a key part in helping the world’s top airports be recognized and honored for their achievements.

With 7 of the top 10 airports and the 3 cleanest in the world choosing Neo to automate their floor care operation, it illustrates just how good Neo is.

Interested in learning more about Neo and the benefits your airport would experience by deploying Neo? Contact us today.

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