May 22, 2019

Concerns some businesses have about floor cleaning automation

When considering the purchase of new technology, such as a floor cleaning automation solution, it’s not uncommon for a business to have some reservations. These business concerns are often valid and can prevent buyers from making a costly mistake.  

But in many cases, it’s simply fear of the unknown that give purchasers pause when investing in new technology — a fear that's often quickly put to rest by the benefits that new technology provides. 

This was the case for four facility managers and Avidbots customers, who discuss their process for deploying their Neo commercial floor cleaning robot in the latest eBook from Avidbots 

These four leaders are among a growing group of managers and executives who have launched floor cleaning automation programs at their commercial facilities using Neo — and have experienced improved productivity as a result.  

Convincing stakeholders of the possible benefits of automation prior to launch, however, wasn’t always easy.  

The hardest pitch we had upfront was convincing everybody that [Neo] wasn’t going to replace people’s jobs,” says Derek Sylvester, Director of Building Environmental Services at Rochester Institute of Technology, USA. “It was a tough sell.

In addition to fears around employee perception of Neo, Sylvester and the other facility managers had a range of concerns around implementing a commercial floor cleaning automation solution. Would the robot be safe around people and property? Who would pay for Neo? Would the investment pay off? 

In Avidbots' latest eBook, you’ll learn how Sylvester and other customers addressed these business concerns and others when launching their Neo cleaning ecosystem.  

By downloading the eBookyou’ll also discover:

  • How these four facilities managers started their journey to automation, and the roadblocks they overcame. 
  • The importance of data and safety when implementing a robotic automated floor cleaning solution. 
  • How Neo robots are transforming business today and into the future, and delivering significant ROI. 

As Craig Rudin, Avidbots customer and CEO of Superior Solutions Group, put it, “You’re either going to wait for something perfect or you’re going to lead the way and pioneer.” 

Concerns Some Businesses Have About Floor Cleaning Automation

Download the eBook today and find out how four progressive facility managers implemented a floor cleaning automation program that reduced costs, improved productivity and provided a better, more-connected clean.

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